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Chris Abraham works with quite a few bright people and brilliant agencies.

Gerris Corp

Gerris digital is a full-service digital strategy consulting firm.

Gerris digital is a full-service digital strategy firm that reaches deeper into the conversation than any other agency anywhere. Gerris digital offers Internet and digital strategy consulting services.Gerris Corp's experience and skills cover digital PR, digital marketing, social media marketing, blogger outreach, online engagement, social media strategy, online reputation management (ORM), Wikipedia curation, social media auditing, search engine optimization (SEO), online crisis management and response, online brand promotion, online brand protection, online and social media storytelling, online monitoring, social media staffing, social media training, blogging training, social media best practices, search engine marketing (SEM) and others.

Gerris earned its name from the Gerris lacustris, commonly known as the common pond skater or common water strider. The name was chosen by Chris Abraham, founder of Gerris digital, because he was inspired by the lightness of being exhibited by the pond skaters he sculled with in Washington as they skim along weightless on water tension, never breaking through the Potomac's meniscus.

Sergey Krayev

Sergey Krayev currently works as Managing Director at Partnership Network. Partnership Network is located in the Greater Atlanta Area with a focus on the development of partnership marketing channels globally with a focus in tech startup segment offering program analytics and optimization and go-to-market strategy development and implementation.

Sergey KrayevSergey Krayev lives in Johns Creek, GA; and previously lived in Roswell, GA and Marietta, GA. Sergey Krayev currently works as Managing Director at Partnership Network

Partnership Network is located in the Greater Atlanta Area with a focus on the development of partnership marketing channels globally with a focus in tech startup segment offering program analytics and optimization and go-to-market strategy development and implementation. 

“We believe that a business with a great marketing team can make an impact on the world. Take the first step and contact us and together, we can reach your company’s goals.”

In addition to being Managing Director of Partnership Network, Sergey Krayev is VP of Strategic Development at Vertical, LLC. Previously, Sergey Krayev was the Strategic Advisor at Clickagy, Director of Online Marketing and E-Commerce at Sage, and head of e-Marketing and e-Commerce at Mizuno Corporation.

Sergey Krayev’s education includes Stanford and DeVry Universities. 

Eric Goldstein Design

EGD+ is a full-service strategy and design group, with an emphasis on brand development, identity and print design.

Eric Goldsterin Design EDG+Eric Goldstein Design is a brand strategy group dedicated to developing memorable stories and integrated standards online and offline, from web, print, seo/sem and tradeshow. 

Eric Goldstein has been working shoulder-to-shoulder with Chris Abraham for over a decade, both as a friend and as a collaborator and colleague. Now, Chris and Eric get to work together, be it under Gerris' flag or EGD+'s.

Eric GoldsteinEric earned his degree from University of the Arts in Industrial Design in 1990 and quickly began to integrate creative touch points like identity, logo, print and web design into his work. He added brand strategy, exhibit and trade show design and video to his creative arsenal along the way, offering a holistic approach to communicating his clients’ story.

Eric seeks partnerships with clients who are committed to developing a movement around their brand, product(s) and trade show presence, and he aims to empower them with effective marketing tools.

He is a great compliment to any company or organization helping to create unique, strategic, award-winning solutions, online, offline and via integrated campaigns.

Please visit Eric Goldstein Design to learn more.

Partnership Network

ROI-based campaign approach sets us apart from the rest of the industry
ROI-based campaign approach sets Partnership Network apart from the rest of the industry.

Passionate Marketing Experts

For the past 20 years, we have helped businesses create their brand presence and achieve their goals. Our process is designed to empower your brand and outfit your business with the marketing tools needed to succeed. Talk to us today about how we can support your growth, limit your turnover, and put you on a solid track to success and profit.

Our Analytical Approach

Our service includes a comprehensive consult to help identify gaps and opportunities, and results in a comprehensive report that includes a project plan with timelines a cost analysis. Our individualized plans are made up of quality services that will help you get there quickly and smoothly. 

Our Success is Your Success

We want to give you the time and guidance you deserve. Whether you are just starting out, or need to redevelop your brand, we can work with you to create your brand story  that will relate to your target market and lead your business to success. We didn’t get there alone, and neither will you.  

Hire Us and See Positive Results

We believe that a business with a great marketing team can make an impact on the world. Take the first step and contact us and together, we can reach your company's goals.


Sergey KrayevManaging Director at Partnership Network

Partnership Network

303 Peachtree St NW, Atlanta, GA 30308, United States

Dan Krueger

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Over the past 15 years Dan Krueger has worked in the Television Production and PR/Social Media Industries.

Dan Krueger

Dan Krueger's produced and written for TV and video projects ranging from national prime-time shows on CBS to internationally syndicated programs on networks ranging from Discovery to HGTV.

Dan Krueger has worked as the blogger outreach and social media consultant for Spartan Race, the global leader in obstacle racing. He was also the the Director of Client Services and PR/Social Media Consultant for an international digital marketing agency. Dan's managed teams of employees from all over the world in five different languages including English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian and Polish. Dan Krueger was the Executive Producer of Emmy Award winning virtual worlds projects for the Electric Sheep Company. He has extensive experience in developing community-driven virtual experiences and managing teams of people while always making sure that clients' needs are met and projects are of the highest quality.

Dan Krueger is most proud of being a father, husband, photographer, videographer, food lover, CrossFitter, obstacle racer, snowboarder and fitness enthusiast.

TechACS Corp

Long Island-based web design and web developing firm

TechACSTechAcs, founded and run by Juan Vides, is a Long Island Web design firm that has a long-established reputation for giving back to the community.

Techacs offers custom, clean and effective web design, development and promotional services. Our dedicated professionals use their skills and knowledge to blast the business performance of your website. 

Their services includes Web application development, website design, e-commerce solutions, application development and maintenance, data warehousing, data cleansing, search engine optimization (SEO), web 2.0 marketing, mobile web and application development and flash development. 


Web Design and Development 

TECHACS offers professional and superior web design, development and SEO services. Our dedicated professionals use their skills and knowledge to blast the business performance of your website. We believe in supplying high quality and easy to use web applications, depends on your specific business requirements. 

Their featured web design and development services include: 

  • Web Design 
  • Graphic Design 
  • Flash Design and Development 
  • Web Development 
  • PHP Programming 
  • .NET Development 
  • CMS Installations and Customizations 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) 

TECHACS provides a marketing strategy for successful online businesses to get the most out of your website investment. We customize the methods according to your website type and objectives for marketing design to help customers reach, explore and get benefits easily.

About Juan Vides

Juan Vides TechACS Long IslandAt the age of four, Juan Vides arrived in the United States with his parents after a long and dangerous trip from El Salvador.  During the bus ride from Laredo, Texas to New York, he learned his first English word, “pen” from another passenger. As El Salvadoran refugees, his family was granted amnesty in 1986 by Ronald Reagan, and Juan received his green card. During High School, Juan learned about the electoral process and was so motivated by the power of the vote that he encouraged his parents to begin with him the process of becoming an American citizen. When he was 16 years old, Juan Vides became a citizen of the United States.

Juan’s career started at Trader Joe’s, and when he was 21 he was offered a management position. After a few years, he realized this wasn’t his passion. So at age 26 he decided to take a different path and started Farmingdale State University to pursue a BS in Computer Programming and System Information. As is Juan’s way, he not only joined the Computer Club at Farmingdale, but became its President and brought the club to life.  He continued his Education at the Stony Brook University for his MBA in Business Management.

In 2003, he was employed part time by configuring internet telephones eventually moving into a full time position. Jeff Pulver, his boss, went on to become the co-founder of Vonage.  Juan traveled the country as the set-up guy for corporate trade shows meeting key players in the computer technology industry at the time like Michael Powell, Chairman of the FCC,and Mark Cuban to name a few.

Juan’s business started as a necessity after his wallet was stolen in Boston where he was attending a corporate trade show. All his credit cards and ID’s were in the wallet, and he wondered why someone hadn’t created a website for people to store their 1-800 numbers. So he created it. After he built his own website, he put an ad on Craigslist as a website builder, and as of today he’s built over 300 websites. His company, TechACS Corp, keeps evolving as technology keeps evolving, and now he provides Search Engine Optimization services and is branching into Social Media Marketing.

Juan lives with his wife, son and daughter in Oceanside, NY.

Also he an active board member for the American Heart Association of Long Island, Long Island Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and the Hicksville Chamber of Commerce.

Juan feels his life has been one of good fortune, and he likes to share that with as many people as he can. Through his company, he gives back by offering web services pro bono or at significant discounts to local non-profit organizations. This is how his relationship with the Long Island Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and the Hicksville Chamber of Commerce began , and he continues to remain an active member reaching out to support and enrich the community of Long Island that has been his home since he made the long journey from El Salvador as a boy.

iCre8t Results

iCre8t Results is an Atlanta based marketing firm that focuses on useful marketing. We believe in marketing that generates leads and revenue.

iCre8t ResultsiCre8t Results is a boutique agency that believes small to medium-sized businesses should have access to top marketing and advertising talent without the cost and the ego.

iCre8t Results helps target audiences find you through magnetic ideas and media campaigns. Ad agencies are only as good as their ideas. The sum of our experience and people provide our clients with guidance, experience and results.

iCre8t Results specializes in keeping social media accountable. In one year, we worked on six different social media campaigns for six different clients: generating sales leads, trialing products, increasing SEO rankings and driving enormous amounts of brand impressions… and it was simpler than you might think. By discussing and understanding clear-cut goals for our social presences prior to launch, we’re able to create experiences that deliver tangible, quantifiable results.

Find Out More About iCre8t.

AH Global

AH Global is a well-practiced team of professionals who work exclusively in the world of social media.

AH Global Abraham Harrison Mark HarrisonAH Global offers its clients comprehensive Online Conversation Marketing campaigns. What exactly does this mean? AH Global integrates Digital PR, Online Grassroots & New Media Marketing, Business Intelligence, Search Engine Services and Online Reputation Clean-up and Defense to ensure that their client’s message – the right message – is being portrayed in every corner of the digital space. Leveraging our strong relationships with top bloggers, their Digital PR efforts persuade the most influential members of the online community that your brand/company/service is worthy of recommending.

AH Global is a highly diverse company made up of team members distributed across 14 time zones, living in five countries on four continents. Among them they speak not only English, but Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, French, Swahili, and Afrikaans. Their people have lived in the US, UK, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Guatemala, Liberia, Mauritius, Tanzania, Tunisia, Germany, Spain, and Thailand.

Mark Harrison Official AH Global PortraitAH Global identifies your target audience (wherever they may be on the web) using our Online Grassroots and New Media Marketing, and develop tailored outreach activities that honor each community’s “local customs.” Therein lies the AH Global difference: they adapt to differing community’s values and communication patterns because we respect the medium, which in turn will translate into respect for your company and brand. Their Business Intelligence and Online Reputation Systems constantly track the web’s movements so you don’t have to in the areas of profiling, intelligence, forensics and crisis management.

AH Global understands that the Internet is not just a different advertising medium, it is a different culture with unique customs and protocol. Knowing this culture allows us to translate your unique company message to relevant online communities. This approach drives business your way – our primary and sincere goal.

The Social Studies Group

The Social Studies Group is a social media research firm that specializes in complex social media monitoring and analysis, issue and industry trend identification, and netnography.

The Social Studies GroupThe Social Studies Group has been in the research business since 1995 and have been doing social media research since the very beginning – on USENET, bulletin boards, and GEnie, AOL, CompuServe groups, and the like. The Social Studies Group is proud to have created and maintained monitoring systems back in the day before social media monitoring tools.

While The Social Studies Group is firmly planted in the social research space, they continue to have traditional research capabilities (primary and secondary research) and have been involved with brand names that you have in your kitchen cabinets, refrigerators, medicine cabinets, magazine racks, on your cell phones and in your pockets.

The Social Studies Group also works with retailers, financial institutions, and some intense business-to-business brands that you’ve never heard of (but that are really awesome). No two research projects are created alike. Sometimes you know exactly what you need to know. Other times, you just need to know where to start. That’s why all their reports and services are customized. The Social Studies Group reports vary from basic overviews to specific categorical research to full netnographic studies. They know that you don’t always need to know everything, but you do need to know the right things.

Social Media Monitoring & Analysis

Looking for complex social media monitoring? Need unbiased help for a DIY solution (and maybe even assistance getting started?) We’re tool agnostic (though we have our favorites) and we sure know our stuff. Their motto: “Social media monitoring tools don’t solve problems. People solve problems.”

Social Media Consulting & Strategy 

They’re marketers at heart and boy, oh boy, are they immersed in social media. Their analytical approach to problem solving and strategic planning – coupled with serious project management skills – ideally positions them to help our clients audit, plan, implement and continuously improve their social media efforts.

Netnography Research

What is netnography? It’s the study of individuals, communities, and cultures. Online. It’s also one of the best ways to gain insight into your audience’s thoughts and perspectives on a subject, brand, or issue.

Traditional Research 

Their traditional research department offers a range of services including primary and secondary research, News Tracking, Investment Banking Research, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), analysis and strategic consulting. Their people come from the worlds of finance, research, business development, advertising and PR, but they all share one thing: passion.

Wendy Goldman Scherer, Analyst. Strategist. Managing Partner.

Wendy Goldman SchererWendy knew from her years as a partner with Bozell Worldwide that there was a great need for knowledge synthesis and business research that was more than a mere information dump. To address the market need for finding and digesting complex business research, she founded Scherer Cybrarian in 1995.

The business grew and expanded over the years to include primary research, GIS, news aggregation and monitoring, and much more.

But what she loved the most was the emerging world of social media research. (Don’t laugh. Everyone should love their work as much as Wendy does!)

As this segment grew, it became apparent that this specialty could stand on its own to grow and change with the times. And so, The Social Studies Group was born in 2009.

We all know that social media monitoring, research and analysis have integral roles in the strategy and implementation process for many agencies and brands.

The tools have become extremely sophisticated and the specialty is in a constant state of change and, trust me, Wendy keeps up.

She leads the strategy team and has been working with clients for many years now on social media monitoring and analysis and, best of all, netnography (virtual ethnography) and linguistics studies.

Connect with Wendy (and check out her groovy photos) at

Janet Thaeler

Janet Thaeler is an internet marketer and writer specializing in SEO online press releases and online PR

Janet ThaelerJanet Thaeler is the author of I Need a Killer Press Release, Now What???, and the companion DVD “Killer Online Press Releases.

She won the 2009 award for “Best Social Media Content Guru” from the Utah Social Media Club, and her webinar entitled “Creating a Killer Publicity Strategy with Online News Releases” for PR Web was attended by thousands and earned her a spot on PR Web’s list of “Best PRWeb Webinars of 2009.

Janet has spoken around the country to the PRSA, PRSSA, at major universities, on webinars and at many conferences.

Roger Wolfson

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I have been friends with Roger Wolfson since the 90s when he was roommates with Mark Harrison on Capitol Hill and then later as an Associate of HHWinc, the first distributed virtual consultancy firm cum agency I had ever heard of, having neither brick nor mortar, ever. Without knowing it, I have learned so much from Roger. There's a lot of wisdom on him—and he's been wise since the 90s.

Roger Wolfson on SetRoger Wolfson has climbed the ranks in entertainment, news, law, and politics. He is an expert TV and film writer and has previously worked as a writer for network TV series. Presently, Wolfson manages a TV series about the US Embassy in Rome known as "Crackle." Besides, he has sold eight original TV series he produced to studios such as A&E, ABC, Universal Cable Productions, and Sony, and other networks such as Lifetime, CBS, and Bravo. He has been a staff member in four US Senator offices. He has been a speechwriter for presidential aspirants and was once the Channel One News' Vice President. Roger Wolfson is also the CEO of his strategic consulting firm.

After his arrival in LA as a writer in January 2003, he became Ed Zuckerman's staff writer and a for Paul Athanasios's CBS series, Century City, where he starred Viola Davis by July the same year. "To know Her" was his first episode that air after the pilot. After this, he wrong for "Law and Order: SUV." At this time, Wolfson traveled across Ohio as John Kerry's surrogate speaker during his presidential campaign. He then wrote for "The Closer." In the series, his "Fantasy Date" episode resulted in Kyra Sedgewick having her first Emmy Nominations. He became a writer for "Saving Grace" produced by TNT, where Holly Hunter starred, and USA's "Fairy Legal."

Roger Wolfson portraitAlongside producers such as Charlize Theron, Neal Mortiz, Meryl Poster, Dennis Leary, and Tim Kring, the creator of "Heroes," Wolfson has developed many other TV series. Currently, he is serving as a speechwriter for Senator, public figures, presidential candidates, and Company Presidents. He also wrote speeches for the Democratic National Convention for Ted talks. He has slow written funding pitches for prominent organizations.

After law school, Wolfson landed his first political job as the Governmental Affairs Sub-committee for Joe Lieberman. Senator John Kerry later appointed Wolfson as a Legislative Assistant. He was the youngest legislative assistant ever hired by the Senator. Wolfson became his first official speechwriter. Where he did not write the speeches, Wolfson helped in writing several speeches for Kerry. He wrote the first bill in Congress that sought to out-law police-killer bullets.

Wolfson also wrote the amendments that Kerry made on the Rescission Bill. The bill resulted in the restoration of $14 billion for Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services. It also restored a sum of $1000 million for the Safe and Drug-Free Schools Program. He also managed the successful win of $90 million made by Kerry to fund Youthbuild.

Roger Wolfson with Beto O'RourkeHe then became Senator Paul Wellstone's Chief Education Counsel. During this time, Wolfson served as Labor Committee Staff for Senator Ted Kenned simultaneously. Wolfson participated in reauthorizing almost every significant federal education law. Wolfson created thirteen tremendous amendments to the law during deliberation of the Higher Education Act budgeted at $12 million. Wolfson also wrote the first Federal funding bill for Charter Schools.

Wolfson lest working in the Senate at the age of 32 as one of the few staff ever worked for Conservatives, Moderate, and Liberal Senators in the Democratic Party. Alongside lectured to forty major organizations, he has appeared on CNN, AirAmerica, MSNBC, and NBC. He has also worked in partnership with Bruce Cohen and Bird York, an Oscar-nominated songwriter, to create campaign ads. Wolfson was the strategist for the Writers United during the 2006 Writers Guild elections. He also volunteered to assist in the operation of the Guild during the 2007-2008 strike. Wolfson is one of the most reputable earliest bloggers ever worked for the Huffington Post.

Roger Wolfson with Cory BookerHe also worked for Littler, Mendelson, the world's most prominent law firm, and Lieberman, Segalof as an attorney. His mother and Senator Lieberman co-founded Lieberman, Segalof. During this time, he was also serving as the Vice President of Channel One News. The news program was one of the most viewed by American teenagers every school day. Wolfson also got a job as a screenwriting teacher at John Hopkins University.

While studying law at the University of Pennsylvania, Wolfson was the Associate Editor of the Corporative Labor Law Journal of the university. Writing from John Hopkins earned him a Master's. He obtained a Bachelors's Degree in Theater, achieving the highest academic honors. He is also a member of the bars of NY, Connecticut, DC, Washington, and the US Supreme Court.

While staying on a "42" Catamaran, he started to offer a free lecture, salon, and concert services to the LA community. He moved these activities to an amphitheater he constructed in 2011. The event was run at the front page of LA Times in June 2013.

Wolfson has been on volunteer appointments since 2012 in the administration of Mayor Garcetti as the Commissioner of Animal Services of LA.

Roger Wolfson with Bernie Sanders

Tom Donnelly

Executive Producer of Video, Motion Graphics & Animation

Tom Donnelly Executive Producer Video Motion Graphics AnimationTom lives and breathes motion graphics and animation, though his roots are in broadcast television; as a post producer on the original run of TLC’s “Trading Spaces” for 5 years and 172 episodes, he commanded the entire post-production workflow from rough-cut through delivery to the network.

Since then he has utilized those same creative and organizational skill sets in leading teams of designers and other post professionals as they support agencies and independent producers with animation and motion graphics content for healthcare, pharma, tech, healthcare, software, finance - all the usual suspects and more.

The content they create is featured in a wide range of venues nationally and regionally on broadcast television, at major pharmaceutical events, for internet-and social media-based marketing and promotion, and for professional and collegiate sports stadiums. 

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