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Testimonials for Chris Abraham and his Gerris Corp digital agency

Testimonials and Recommendations

A collection of all of the testimonials and recommendations for and about Gerris Corp, Chris Abraham, and Chris' former agency, Abraham & Harrison, LLC.

Gerris Testimonials

"Gerris' dedicated team assisted Baird's CMC with new media outreach to create an international discussion about the Baird's CMC report on the view of U.S. multi-nationals about investment in Africa. The results of their work were outstanding; leading to substantial coverage and vigorous debate. Chris Abraham proved to be smart, responsive and highly effective."
Francois Baird, Co-Chairman, Baird's CMC

"Chris Abraham and his team tackled an extremely time-sensitive project for us and got up to speed quickly. We were impressed with their expertise in the industry, the ability to execute a plan successfully and willingness to listen to our needs and goals. Their work has made an impact on our programs already and has given a tremendous boost to our awareness efforts."
Jenny Morgenthau, Executive Director, The Fresh Air Fund

"Gerris' dedicated team assisted Baird's CMC with new media outreach to create an international discussion about the Baird's CMC report on the view of U.S. multi-nationals about investment in Africa. The results of their work were outstanding; leading to substantial coverage and vigorous debate. Chris Abraham proved to be smart, responsive and highly effective."
Francois Baird, Co-Chairman, Baird's CMC

"Chris Abraham and his team tackled an extremely time-sensitive project for us and got up to speed quickly. We were impressed with their expertise in the industry, the ability to execute a plan successfully and willingness to listen to our needs and goals. Their work has made an impact on our programs already and has given a tremendous boost to our awareness efforts."
Jenny Morgenthau, Executive Director, The Fresh Air Fund

"With Chris Abraham's audacious voice and mastery of a variety of blogs, feeds and social media networks, Abraham Harrison was instrumental in significantly raising the volume for Firebrand during its short but illustrious history."
Shari F. Leventhal, Partner, FireMedia Partners (Former CMO, the dear departed Firebrand TV)

"Chris Abraham's unique approach to PR is refreshing. It was exactly what we needed to take our market exposure to the next level. Working within a prescribed budget, they were able to deliver results that both exceeded our expectations and inspired new opportunities for PR. I have no doubt that we will come to Chris again for our PR needs"
Josh Grotstein, CEO, Motionbox, Inc.

"On behalf of Habitat for Humanity International (HFHI), thank you for your company’s pro bono work on World Habitat Day blogger outreach. We were astounded by the results achieved by Chris Abraham and the team, and we appreciated your donation of staff time and resources."
Colleen Fitzgerald, Director of Advocacy Implementation, Habitat for Humanity International

"Chris Abraham has been a tremendous asset to International Medical Corps during our American Express Members Project campaign. Their online strategy and outreach helped introduce the International Medical Corps to many new audiences and raised our visibility during this time-sensitive campaign. International Medical Corps was written about in more than 170 blog posts. Chris brings a unique approach to online public relations. The worldwide web is a vast space, yet he has found a formula to reach out to target audiences, effectively raise awareness and get online readers and activists to take action. The entire team has been fantastic. Each team member brings creativity and passion to the cause. Without a doubt, the International Medical Corps would engage Gerris for another campaign."
Rebecca Milner, Vice President, Institutional Advancement, International Medical Corps

"Gerris helped us to share our finance app with a wider audience of bloggers, finance thinkers, and influencers on Twitter. The results were impressive – dozens of blog posts, tons of Tweets and a number of A-list blog posts. On a personal note, Gerris was a pleasure to work with – responsive and easy to get along with at all points. Many thanks."
Steve de Brun, Co-Founder, Visible Market and StockTouch

"Chris Abraham and his team did a terrific job for BrandsClub. Not only did they create and manage our twitter account, that has the most followers in the world for our business model, but their outreaches also got us tons of responses. Last but not least they are always coming up with great suggestions and worldwide contacts for any crazy idea you might come up with. I would recommend them to anyone!"
Olivier Grinda, Co-Founder and CMO, BrandsClub

"Chris Abraham and his social media and blogger outreach teams tackled an extremely time-sensitive project for us and got up to speed quickly. We were impressed with their expertise in the industry, the ability to execute a plan successfully and willingness to listen to our needs and goals. Their work has made an impact on our programs already and has given a tremendous boost to our awareness efforts."
Jenny Morgenthau, Executive Director, The Fresh Air Fund

"Chris Abraham and his team exceeded my wildest expectations. As a first-time author, I was concerned about my ability to build a strong campaign. We ended up getting over a hundred blog book reviews and more than 200 tweets – and we still have dozens of responses to follow up on, even after the campaign ended. They’ve also left me with collateral I can use into the future to promote me and my book. I would use Chris and his team again in a heartbeat. They know their stuff, they are extremely low maintenance to work with, and they did a fantastic job."
Stever Robbins, Author, 9 Steps to Work Less and Do More

"Upon launching, Kimberly-Clark Healthcare needed to increase the attention, traffic, and profile. We retained Chris Abraham and his team initially to drive traffic to the site using combined social media and blogger outreach. This resulted in over 100% increase to the number of site visits compared to the time frame prior to the campaign, as well as a number of secondary benefits such as brand recognition and a first page, number 6, placement when searching for “healthcare-associated infection” on Google. The blogger outreach team did a phenomenal job at finding all the relevant blogs and influencers germane to the issue of HAIs, immunodeficiency, and infection as well as reaching out, engaging them, and earning their posts, tweets, and likes about the issue of HAI and the associated HAI Watch website. They accomplished this successfully in English, Spanish, and Portuguese in countries including Argentina and Brazil. While we were able to prepare the ideal site to be used as a resource for the US and Latin American market, it was Chris that was best able to attract the most influential bloggers by being sensitive and responsive to cultural differences while applying US-proven methods of reaching out to bloggers."
Sergey Krayev, Global Marketing & Communications, Kimberly-Clark Health Care

"It’s been a true pleasure working with Chris Abraham and his team. They increased the online awareness of OLX far more than I thought would be possible with English, Spanish and Portuguese bloggers."
Fabrice Grinda, Co-Founder and Co-CEO, OLX

"We are so grateful for the commitment Chris Abraham and his team made to help us end chronic homelessness in Washington, DC. Chris' commitment has been shown in many ways, and the most recent example is their pro-bono work on our behalf for Give to the Max Day in November 2011. They created a clear, succinct Give to the Max Day social media news release that was shown to more than 1,100 bloggers in the DC area. From that outreach, many bloggers joined the conversation about ending chronic homelessness by publicizing Miriam’s Kitchen’s participation in Give to the Max Day. Chris was a key factor in our ability to raise money to end chronic homelessness in Washington, DC on Give to the Max Day. For that (and the many other amazing things they’ve done for us), we are forever grateful to have him working on our behalf."
Jenn Roccanti, Miriam’s Kitchen

 "Chris Abraham's blogger outreach strategy was a game changer for our social media project, My Fellow American. Over just a couple months, Chris' team was able to reach 60 million eyeballs, and nearly 1,000 bloggers posted about our project. I found their team to be highly professional, and excellent in coaching my staff and team in building a well-coordinated social media and outreach strategy. The crispness of the blogger outreach messaging and their ability to develop attention for our project across very diverse networks has completely changed the way that we now handle our outreach and social media engagement."
Daniel Tutt, Unity Productions Foundation

"Skinny & Co. is thrilled with the outcome of our 3 month blogger campaign! Working with Chris and Dan was an absolute delight. Their professionalism is unmatched and we were extremely satisfied with the response to their work! Over the course of three months, they contacted thousands of bloggers resulting in 500 posts, YouTube videos, and social media mentions from influencers across the board. This helped increase our audience reach and generate lots of new customers. Plus, everything was timely, well-organized, and easy to understand. I'd highly recommend their services and look forward to working with them again in the future. Thanks so much, Chris and Dan!"
Kaylyn Easton, CMO, Skinny & Co.

LinkedIn Recommendations

"A thought leader and expert in his field, Chris knows all aspects of digital marketing well and have executed them successfully for numerous clients over the years. His ideas and thoughts reveal that he is well ahead of the curve in this highly competitive arena. What moves me about him is how he dedicates his time to also help the less fortunate in a soup kitchen. That reveals the upright and principled character whom Chris is - not just head and strategy but heart and soul."
Walter Lim, Chief Content Strategist, Digital Marketing Specialist

"Chris Abraham is one of the most consistently thorough and successful social media strategists and practitioners I know. He stays on top of the myriad changes in the field and understands them and wields them on behalf of his clients with honesty, integrity and great success. I partnered with him on a couple of successful training webinars for social media practice for business, and can also say that he is smart, quick-thinking and a great speaker and explainer."
Owen Linderholm, Senior Content Strategist at WePay

"In the social media realm, I am intrigued with what Chris is publishing and benefit from his advice. He is very responsive as he responds back expeditiously to any messages and feedback about his work. Even though he takes his work seriously, he doesn’t take himself too seriously. Thus, since 1985, since I have known him, Chris has had a jovial and positive disposition."
Emy Louie, President, Emy Louie, Consulting Services; Author, Fast Trains: America's High-Speed Future

"Chris has been a close friend for years. He eats, breaths and in every way lives for social media impact, understanding the latest tools before many have even discovered them. If you care about building an audience online, Chris will find a way to make it happen."
Raman Frey, Founder GP Dinners Partner AH Global Advisor OC Impact

"Chris was one of the first go-to experts for CNN when the digital revolution truly took off. He understood the cyber-world way before anyone else and continues to be a #1 Influencer in his field. Chris will continue to be ahead of the curve and is someone I would want on my team!"
Cory Anne Charles, Founder of Cory Charles Media-Magazine Publisher/Mobile Branding Advertiser/Sales Executive/Brand Ambassador/Journalist

"I recommend Chris for digital and social media consultation, including reputation management."
Bryan Curry, Of counsel at Litchfield Cavo LLP

"Chris is a whirlwind of good ideas and a respected leader in the social media space. He's got incredible energy and an unerring ability to develop affordable media programs that move the needle for his clients. Pretty sure that he never learned how to sleep... If you get the chance to hire or work with this guy - take it. You'll be far better off for the experience."
Tate Linden, I brand stuff. With... my... MIND.

"When I worked with Chris he was an experienced web developer, and since I worked with him he has become a well-respected expert on public relations, SEO, and reputation management on social media, including countering Black Hat tactics. If you or your company is looking for assistance in these areas, Chris is an excellent person to talk to."
Michael Bernstein, Full Stack Developer, Designer, Consultant

"I took blogging classes with Chris back in 2004 or 2005 when it was still a new thing, and he was very helpful and way ahead of the curve. This has led to my own professional blogging for clients and launch of the popular Messaging Matters political blog. Thanks, Chris!"
Matthew Emmer, J.D., Editor and communications strategist with legal and media background

"I have known Chris for several years and I consider him one of my "go to" sources when I am looking for advice or counsel on social media. His knowledge of this space in terms of breadth and depth is unmatched and I know he can provide valuable insights regardless if we are discussing applications for a sole proprietor or the largest of Enterprise companies."
Christian Bayley, Director of Brand and Product at Riot Games

"We asked Chris to present during a social media workshop at our 2014 national conference. He was not only willing to educate our customers on best practices, etc. but he also took the initiative to make the presentation his own and include more than we asked for. He was very professional, but not so much that he intimidated our audience! We highly recommend Chris to anyone looking for social media direction."
Brooke Parkinson, CNP, Collaborator, Resource Architect, INTJ

"Chris Abraham is a top-notch, qualified, ethical individual who runs an excellent consulting company."
Gary Kopycinski, Educator at Marian Catholic High School

"For as long as I've known Chris, he's always been thoughtful and innovative in thinking about how businesses can use new technology to enhance their brand recognition and reputation. But he's not the sort that simply preaches the latest buzzwords: I have found that he's careful to ask the right questions and understand the unique nature of a business, to inform his recommendations on the mix of approaches that are likely to help my businesses grow."
Michael Crow, Chief Data Illuminator at Crow Insight

"Chris was an organized, well spoken, dynamic panel leader. He was prepared and a pleasure to work with. He ROCKS!"
Carrie Kerpen, CEO of Likeable Media, Author of WORK IT: Secrets For Success From The Boldest Women In Business

"Chris Abraham knows precisely how to cut through the noise and present the essentials of social media marketing in an engaging, easily digestible manner through his blogs and articles. He's my #1resource for staying current in this rapidly changing landscape."
Pamela Bramwell, Wordsmith, Virtual Assistant, Marketing Swiss Army Knife

"Chris is lightning in a bottle. His worldly view and depth of understanding for both old and new media allows him to look at things differently than most of us do. As a result, Chris comes up with amazing perspectives and marketing strategies. If you want a fresh perspective on your marketing point of view, talk to Chris."
Glenn Gaudet, CEO at GaggleAMP

"Every so often you come across one of those people in business you not only enjoy working with, but they also provide true inspiration in your life. Chris Abraham is one of those people to me. Chris is a wealth of real-world information regarding anything and everything to do with social media and is a true leader in this area. He understands the true culture of Internet engagement from bloggers to digital advertising. In addition, I have found Chris to be an honest and thoughtful man with a great sense of humor. He works to expand and share the pie of success with everyone who crosses his path. He's a great guy!"
Brenda Krueger Huffman, New Media Executive, Publisher, Editor, Columnist, Journalist, Political Analyst, Talk Radio CoHost, Messaging Strategy

"I've worked with Chris Abraham for a few years now as an author and social media expert at Chris has been instrumental in helping us set up and grow our online/social media presence. Chris has lots of wonderful ideas on how we can cross-promote our events and content—I only wish I had the time to implement them all! Chris has a broad base of knowledge from his many years in public relations and marketing, including the technical knowledge to get things done. He is by far our most popular and prolific author—every article is real, relevant, and humorous and his point-of-view is all his own. Chris never stops learning and helping others to improve, and his posts inspire us all to do better."
Eileen Moran Cosenza, Administrative and Marketing Professional

"As one of the pioneer evangelists of digital technologies and social media, Chris Abraham needs no introduction for his key role in helping revamp communications. I've worked with and for Chris on numerous projects and campaigns, all of which depended on his expertise and professionalism for success. As a friend, colleague, and as a professional protagonist of PR and marketing, I can think of no one I recommend more highly. What more is there to say when someone is the best?"
Phil Butler, Journalist, Editor, Consultant, Political Analyst and Author of the Overnight Bestseller "Putin's Praetorians"

"In a world rife with social media gurus, Chris Abraham is the ultimate unguru. When I put together a small network of social media thought leaders in 2009 for, Chris was the first person I contacted. Since then, I've been repeatedly struck by his thought leadership across a wide range of topics, including social marketing, blogger campaigns, reputation management and much more. Chris is generous with his insights and probably doesn't know how far ahead of the curve he is. (Shhh! Let's not tell him.) Next time I need to run a social media campaign, Chris will be the first person I call. Need to contact somebody smart about anything related to social? Chris is your guy."
JD Lasica, 'Catch and Kill' - new high-tech thriller is already a bestseller

"I approached Chris for an internship at his company, Abraham Harrison, after he dazzled my communications class at American University with his knowledge of the social media and public relations landscape and how his company was engaging with bloggers to generate online conversation for clients. During my internship, Chris went out of his way to help me understand the business, make connections in the social media community and encourage me to start blogging. He allowed me to take the lead on numerous client-facing projects and provided continuous guidance along the way. He was (and still is) a great mentor."
Ellie West, Senior Brand Strategist at HZDG

"Chris knows how to create a long-lasting and transparent digital footprint. I met him in Europe and I appreciated his knowledge of marketing on a global scale."
Jan Horna, Non-serial Technology Entrepreneur

"Those who can, do. Those who cannot teach. I teach. Chris does."
Bob Garfield, Public Broadcaster, Columnist, Author, Keynote Speaker, Visiting Professor, Consultant, Start-Up Advisor

"Solid team partner. Trusted by all."
Ray Lopez, President/CEO at Engineering Services Network, Inc.

"Chris is a recognized thought leader in digital media. He has established himself as a visionary in online communications, and an isan invaluable asset to any organization. His business sense will serve him well as a key consultant."
Bijan C. Bayne, Resident Fellow, Institute Of Politics, Policy, And History

"When it comes to social media marketing, and frankly marketing in general, Chris is quite simply brilliant. He is the first person I think of when I need advice on those fronts, and with good reason. The extent of his knowledge is quite simply jaw-dropping, and he somehow manages to keep up to date in a sphere where the only constant is change itself. But Chris is more than just a guy who knows the tools of the trade, he has a killer instinct when it comes to marketing/PR strategy. He doesn't just know what tools to use, he knows what content will work, and where (and at whom) that content should be aimed. Plus, Chris is quite simply one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet. If you get the chance to work with him, you should do it in a heartbeat."
John Hlinko, Founder, LeftAction. Activist, TV pundit, author. Top 5 "PR Professionals of the Year" (PRWeek).

"Chris Abraham is a great presenter and Internet Marketing Expert, I really enjoyed what he talked about. I would recommend Chris anytime."
Aitzaz Khalid, Entrepreneur | CEO | Telecom Consultant

"I had the privilege to work with Chris at Abraham Harrison (later AHGlobal) and I admire him for being so full of energy in business as well as in personal life. He is one of the few people who inspire me for not only giving the best of himself to deliver excellent results but also caring about people around him. I really wish him good luck in all his initiatives and hopefully, meet him one day to dedicate my success to him."
Omar Khan, International Business Financial Consultant

"I have known Chris for approximately 3 years and have had the opportunity to engage his consulting services several times for a number of marketing, reputation management, and social media-related projects. Chris is friendly, easy to work with, and most of all, intuitive. His willingness to offer professional recommendations and advice is unparalleled. Whether on the phone or in person, he takes the necessary time to listen to business goals and concerns and develop a customized plan to suit individual business needs and budget. I truly believe that he wants to see all of his clients succeed. His excitement and passion are contagious. Chris's positive energy has a strong impact on the projects he works on. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend his services to friends and colleagues."
Betsy Garman, Event Production, Operations, and Technology Expert

"Chris is top notch consultant in digital strategies and influencer marketing."
Beth Kanter, Master Trainer & Nonprofit Innovator in networks, learning, and social media, recognized by Business Week, Fast Co.

"I had an honor of working with Chris on multiple projects at Kimberly-Clark, Mizuno, and Sage software. Chris and his team introduced a concept of blogger outreach to me for the first time, and I was skeptical at first, not having any experience with these types of programs. Well, Chris made me a believer after our first program, and he completely went above and beyond my expectations on KPIs. Our site traffic, brand awareness, and most importantly organic search rankings made us rockstars, and I am very excited to work on more programs with Chris in the near future."
Sergey Krayev, Managing Director at Partnership Network

"Chris is a savvy digital marketing expert. I've known him for years and worked with him several times over the years. He's always had a solid eye for strategy and a focus on innovative results."
Greg Kihlstrom, Customer Experience Strategy; SVP Experience, Yes&; Author, The Agile Brand; Host, The Agile World Podcast

"Chris is one of my go-to guys when it comes to the latest and greatest in digital media - no one is more plugged-in and in-tune. If you're interested in working with someone with endless energy, vast knowledge, and insightful advice, ping Chris. Might be the best "ping" you ever made."
Angela Gyetvan, Jedi @MixR

"The generosity, boundless enthusiasm, deep curiosity, wide-ranging knowledge that characterize Chris also are what help make him so incredibly effective. It is impossible not to like him, it would be silly to underestimate him. He is the Energizer bunny of social media, a keen networker, always bubbling with new ideas and ingenious approaches. I am convinced that there anything at all that Chris puts his mind to, he can achieve. I recommend him very highly indeed"
Kerry Halferty Hardy, International consulting: Strategy/Engagement/Development/External Relations

"I can't recommend Chris more highly. I was building my first start-up and needed to improve my presence on the web using social media avenues. I had consulted with a bunch of people in tech here in San Francisco, but it wasn't until I got Chris' help that things really started taking off. His suggestions and strategies were spot-on and my start-up started booming in just days. Best of all, Chris is honest, dedicated, and fun to work with. Consulting with Chris has been one of the most rewarding parts of building my business."
Dr. Jennifer Gans, CEO & Founder at

"In a world full of bloviating 'social media gurus,' Chris is refreshingly honest and to the point. One of the smartest people Iknow, he is always experimenting with new media so as to best serve his clients and community. It doesn't hurt that he's also nice, kind, and funny; all qualities we look for in our business partners."
Shonali Burke, Growth strategies to help purpose-driven brands bring big ideas to life.

"Chris proved himself a genius at helping generate online interest in my book GLOCK: The Rise of America's Gun."
Paul M. Barrett, Deputy Director at NYU Stern Center for Business and Human Rights

"It would be an understatement to say that Chris knows all there is to know about Social Media and Digital Strategy. The reality is that he lives & breathes these areas like no one else I have ever had the pleasure of working with; his mind is uniquely geared for and attuned to the space. Chris is a dominant force in - and without question my go-to guy for - all matters related."
Taylor Donlan, MBA

"Chris is the kind of digital marketer that every company should want to work with. He not only has a keen and thorough understanding of the industry, but the insight to figure out how to best use the right strategies to achieve business goals. Chris' ability to communicate complex concepts and jargon in terms that anyone can understand makes him a valuable ally for any company trying to navigate the ever-changing world of digital communication, online reputation management."
Gloria Bell, Co-Founder - The Women in Tech Summit

"Chris takes a thoughtful and analytic approach to social media. He cares about getting the right platform mix, doing extensive research, and providing succinct metrics to solve the business problem. When working on proposals with him, he was able to get us thinking about social media from the perspective of the target audience, which helped all aspects of the project."
Katie Chapman, Legal Personnel & Attorney Recruiting Assistant at Venable LLP

"Chris is a powerful voice in social conversation marketing channels. He was one of the early pioneers harnessing digital word of mouth as a repeatable, scalable marketing channel for companies. One can be confident that Chris' part of the project will come through on time and exceeding expectations!"
John Eaton, Digital Innovation Executive & Entrepreneur | Unlocking the Value of Data & Human Relationships

"It's been a real pleasure working together with him. Chris Abraham was one of the most dedicated professionals through his work at Abraham Harrison. He is a great, achievement-oriented, strong and careful expert always ready to put all his energy and stamina to get the job done. Hard working Leader. Deadline oriented, well organized, very good and multi-skilled people manager, understands complex matters even when outside of his direct area of expertise. Always maintains very good relation with co-workers and clients. Makes the impossible possible."
Josh Harcus, Bestselling Author of Closing Culture

"Chris truly understands Social Media. He is an excellent communicator, and teacher. I have used the advice in his blog posts and videos many times at A Step Ahead Media."
Steven Kennedy, Senior Systems Engineer - ERAM/Datacomm/TBFM/TSAS/Training Development at Enroute Computer Solutions - ECS

"Chris has vast expert knowledge of the social media space. He hasbeen a tremendous resource and I frequently recommend him tomy associates. I look forward to an opportunity to work directly with him."
Miles Fawcett, All In One Field Services for Security Integrators

"Chris is an idea machine, bottom line. Working with him is a pleasure because he's always raising the level of creativity for the company. Personally, his approach challenges me to always think outside the box and keep pushing my limits. He also has the ability to make an analogy out of anything and explain the complex ideas through simple and easy to relate concepts."
Rodrigo Martucci, Managing Partner of Brazil's leading e-commerce marketing agency.

"I met Chris in 1993 as part of my work for Arts Wire, an online network for artists. He was an early adopter of the Web and has context. His company is one of the best at what they do."
Beth Kanter, Master Trainer & Nonprofit Innovator in networks, learning, and social media, recognized by Business Week, Fast Co.

"Do you want the most cutting edge campaign for your brand? Looking for someone to provide direction and advice on how to best leverage your brand, product or company? You need Abraham Harrison's Chris Abraham to help you out. His strategic campaigns are unique, with a leaning towards pushing technology beyond to a more creative and even spontaneous presentation that engages consumer and business awareness. Through his leadership, Abraham Harrison has created the Sharp Life Changing Box contest/game on Facebook ( of which I was a team player), campaigns for, (the global competitor to and many more brands and companies. His insight is reflected in his MARKETING CONVERSATION blog as well as many other blogs that he writes and/or participates. When I want to bounce ideas and get some feedback, I turn to Chris Abraham and Abraham Harrison. If I had a product that I wanted to take to the next level (or beyond), I would highly recommend talking to Abraham Harrison."
Stevie Wilson, Social Media Pioneer/Expert, Editor/Blogger/Influencer/Reviewer,, + more

"If I had to sum up Chris' stellar skills and achievements in a short phrase I would describe him as: the smart early adopter par excellence. Chris is always immersed in the latest social media technology. He doesn't just test the waters and wait for a technology to gain momentum- Chris invests his time strategically to understand the terrain before others have trod well-worn paths."
Amie Kershbaum, Institutional Giving Officer at Anti-Defamation League

"Chris is one of the brightest people I have had the pleasure of working with. He works harder than anyone I have met and is extremely focused. Chris and his team have developed a strong platform for supporting the client's social media outreach efforts. I can highly recommend Chris and his team."
Gary Cohen, Multi-faceted strategic and pragmatic business executive

"Chris developed and managed not only my online sites but indeed, my online personality. He's so good, if I used online personals, I would let him manage those for me, too."
David Gelles, Corner Office columnist at The New York Times

"I have known Chris for over six years and worked with him on many IT engagements. Chris is a detail-oriented team member. He develops many new avenues and follows them through. His skills in creating business and pioneering new businesses is a very valuable commodity not seen in many people. His has the ability to make a complicated IT/marketing subject understandable to a lay-person. Thank you, Chris!"
Cris Ellington, CISM, CISA - IT Business & Security Consultant

"Chris has a thorough understanding of online communities and he has been extremely generous in sharing his knowledge with EON, a stakeholder relations firm based in the Philippines. Sharing knowledge is indeed one o the most efficient ways to help lift a developing country like the Philippines out the commodity trap, and I feel extremely grateful to Chris for that. Kudos, man!"
Robert de Quelen, Coach and international consultant

"Chris, Blogger Extraordinaire, has been a great addition to theWriter's Center, leading workshops in blogging, and offering his expertise on projects at the Center. Plus, he's quite enthusiastic, and he adds a lot to any group."
Sunil Freeman, Assistant Director at The Writer's Center

"Want a super smart, fantastically creative and knowledgable expert to help you think out of the box as you address a current business conundrum or wrestle with a sticky problem? Need someone to help you strategize, identify emerging trends or help build critical mass within your organization? Chris is your guy—cool under pressure, amazingly talented and refreshingly humble."
Lacey Jennings, Account Director at Performance Development Group

"Chris' understanding of the current online landscape, as well as emerging technologies, helped create solutions for our clients. Chris' was very willing to teach others about his expertise and assist them in leveraging online media."
Tracey Bremer Schroeder, Vice President, Global Head of Consumer Public Relations

"Its Simple. Chris Abraham knows more about the Blogosphere than anyone I know. During his time at New Media Strategies, Chris was instrumental in helping the company understand and master the rhythm and power of blogs for public relations and marketing applications."
David Sherman, Principal at (ds)

"Chris' ability to translate rather esoteric marketing concepts to a series of concrete steps was nothing short of amazing, He makes viral marketing a straight forward and 'doable' process."
Andy Forbes, Capgemini North America

"Chris is very smart and quick thinking. It has been a pleasure having him work on special projects for my company."
Adam Viener, Entrepreneur: Founder of Imwave & Yazing

"Chris is one of the most enthusiastic, outgoing individuals I know. Easy to work with, easy to get along with, and a joy to be around. Well-rounded, driven and dynamic are only a few of the words that come to mind, but Chris is a risk-taker who is always ready to accept new challenges."
Kerry Halferty Hardy, International consulting: Strategy/Engagement/Development/External Relations

"I am a recruiter for the creative/editorial/technical services industries, so I meet many people who are technology-savvy. Chris stands out among them. His knowledge runs broad and deep, and he's a nice guy who strives to make the most of relationships."
Adam Sidel, Founder/owner of Brainstorm Creative Resources

"Chris is an essential resource for creative technology solutions to client challenges and marketing campaigns. He brings a passion for online communication and strategy combined with the knowledge and experience to get it done."
Peter Greenberger, Founder & CEO at Forest Hills Consulting

"Chris is one of the smartest blog technologists I know. We are currently working on a joint venture blog project together and I can definitely see a long term business relationship forming. Chris is one of those people who just get it and can implement it, that is a rare find in this day and age."
Adam Viener, Entrepreneur: Founder of Imwave & Yazing

"Chris is one of the most insightful and talented people I've worked with in many years. He has a gut feel for emerging technologies, products & services, and standards that are dead-on — not only does he "get it"; Chris instinctively discards the chatter and fluff, and zeroes in on the 5% that's actually going to make it. Dependable and a pleasure to work with. I recommend him 110%."
Andrew Corradini, Strategic planning, business development & marketing exec with a strong track record of building high-growth companies

"You're not likely to find anyone as savvy as Chris when it comes to the strategic use of new communications technologies. Communications decision-makers are overwhelmed by new technologies and platforms including blogs, message boards, social networks, etc. He demonstrates a deep knowledge of these and as important, what they mean to communicators struggling to cut through the media clutter."
Adam Dubitsky, Accomplished Policy, Public Affairs, Political, and Strategic Communications Professional

"Chris is imaginative, bright, creative, well-rounded, and he clearly groks the future of media. If you want to understand all this "new media" stuff, and how it will impact your business and your life, Chris is exactly the sort of guy you should be talking to."
Anthony Citrano, Technology entrepreneur with 20 years of leadership experience inside startups, government, and a Fortune 20 company.

"Working with Chris at NMS was a very positive experience. Never before have I had the opportunity to work alongside someone possessing not only superb technical skill but also the ability to directly apply that skill to client needs. Chris has the very rare and valuable ability to view things from both a technical and relationship building angle, which will be greatly missed here at NMS."
Nick Iauco, Senior Marketing Manager, Merchandising Displays at WestRock Company

"Chris is a very intelligent and driven person, always seeking ways to improve any and all projects that we worked on together."
Phillip Rhoades, Author

"Chris is smart, funny, and knows the landscape of new media andWeb 2.0 trends and technologies. He's also good company."
Peter Suber, Director, Harvard Office for Scholarly Communication

"Chris seems to have his finger on the pulse of the online world—he enthusiastically embraces every communications technology andlooks for interesting and innovative ways to utilize them foreducation and entertainment and commerce. He's also an excellent writer and a born 'von vivant.'"
Chauncey Canfield, Business Process Analyst and CRM Expert at the #1 Cloud Computing Company, Salesforce

"Chris defines "knowing the vibe of the online world." He not only carried an enmorous amount of responsibility with him at New Media, but he also delivered far above what could have ever been expected. I learned a great deal from Chris, and anyone who comes in contact with him (professionally or socially) will be sure to learn a great deal as well."
Sean Carroll, Director of Engagement & Member Communications

"I worked with Chris at PNI. He is extremely proficient withtechnology. I have followed his work since PNI and have beenconsistently impressed with his innovation and mastery of newtechnology."
Miles Fawcett, All In One Field Services for Security Integrators

"Chris provided a comprehensive and useful overview of blogging and viral marketing for my students. He provided real life examples, showing strategy conception and implementation. My students all enjoyed and got a lot out of the lecture, and it remained one of the lectures about which we most spoke as the course continued."
Dae Levine, Senior Vice President at Revolution Messaging

"Chris is an immensely perceptive, technologically savvy networker. If I were launching a business or offering a new product, Chris isfirst person I'd consult about how to get the new offering outthere. His enthusiasm for good products is enhanced by his greatlove for engaging other people."
Mike Godwin, Member Board Of Trustees at Internet Society

"Chris has an excellent sense of how to create excitement aboutpeople and events. He has been instrumental in creating themomentum behind my film festival in Washington, DC and I cannotthank him enough for this."
John Hanshaw, Director of Film Institute / Programmer / Attorney

"When it comes to getting a "buzz storm" going on the Net, Chris is the man to talk to. He's one of the rare folks who both understands the technology behind the internet AND the pyschology as well. If you want to build a movement, want to stoke a grassroots fire, want to make something truly go viral — Chris is 'da man.'"
John Hlinko, Founder, LeftAction. Activist, TV pundit, author. Top 5 "PR Professionals of the Year" (PRWeek).


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