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Triangle Park

When I was in love in the early 90s, I wrote many poems about a girl named Elizabeth. I flew her out from Kent, UK, and to Honolulu. I wrote a poem about one moment, in Triangle Park in Waikiki. It moved me.

Triangle Park - Read More…


I was one romantic bastard in my 20s.

Aerogramme - Read More…

Cambridge Motorways, 1992

I love poem I wrote to a girl I dated named Liz Humphries. Where is she now? I really don't know.

Cambridge Motorways, 1992 - Read More…

Memories are Blue-green

Maybe the most accurate description of how my brain works?

Memories are Blue-green - Read More…

Bleached Slave

I think I wrote this for a college class, well before this sort of thing might not have been done.

Bleached Slave - Read More…

Reading to Myron Stout

I feel like this was a writing project I did in class at GWU

Reading to Myron Stout - Read More…

On a Jetty

Four boys carefully place their calloused feet on a jagged rock

On a Jetty - Read More…

The Blight of the City at Night

I wrote this when I was sitting on a bench outside my Sophomore dorm.

The Blight of the City at Night - Read More…

SCUBA PADI Divemaster

SCUBA PADI Divemaster

I have been a PADI Open Water diver since I was 15. By 18 I was a PADI Divemaster, which is a professional diver.

SCUBA PADI Divemaster - Read More…

LIVE FREE OR DIY book review

LIVE FREE OR DIY book review

LIVE FREE OR DIY is the sort of kick in the pants that will move me from self-unemployed to thriving consultant

LIVE FREE OR DIY book review - Read More…

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