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Four days into the 2023 Concept2 Fall Team Challenge

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Rowing 5,000 meters-a-day with a goal of 10,000-meters-a-day. I am still getting over something akin to RSV or COVID or Flu or Cold or Grippe or something. But I am still proud of my progress.

Four days into the 2023 Concept2 Fall Team Challenge

Fall Team Challenge

I am doing the best I can to keep abreast with this year's Fall Team Challenge alongside the team Potomac Boat Club and we only have 7 rowers, 5 of whom have put some meters in. Here's how I have been doing so far:

Date Distance Time Pace
09/17/23 5,015m 30:12.5 3:00.7
09/16/23 5,005m 30:16.0 3:01.4
09/15/23 5,512m 34:11.5 3:06.0

Indeed, I am as slow as syrup but I am starting slow and allowing my strength and fitness to meet me halfway and soon I will be able to spend an hour to ninety minutes on each nightly row. This is an important and essential kickstart to my knee and leg strength. I want to be able to run for 60-90 minutes slow-rowing, broken up with hard 10s and hard 20s to bring some HIIT high-intensity in there. Here's how the team's doing:

Athlete Age Challenge
Andrew Narva 72 50,000m
Solomon Bell 19 47,285m
Christopher Stevenson 57 26,325m
Chris Abraham 53 15,532m
Michael McGuirk 81 12,242m
Frederich Lightner 21 0m
Stuart Kerr 67 0m

We're all getting our butts kicked by 72-year-old Andrew Narva! Respect. Compared to everyone, we have rowed 151,384m so far and we're, globally, #87. 

87 Potomac Boat Club On-Water 151,384m 7 21,626m

Wish us luck and we look forward to having Frederich Lightner and Stuart Kerr joining the challenge!



Sep 18, 2023 12:40 PM