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The Secret Life of Saint Louis JROTC Rangers in the 80s

Officially, JROTC is a high school program sponsored by the United States Armed Forces that aims to develop leadership skills, citizenship, and personal growth in students. The Rangers component typically involves specialized training in outdoor skills, physical fitness, and team building.
The Secret Life of Saint Louis JROTC Rangers in the 80s

The Black Berets

Chris Abraham spent six years in a Catholic school, where he was required to wear a uniform, maintaining a certain level of discipline and decorum. As he entered high school, he faced a choice that would significantly impact his life: becoming a band geek, a jock, or a cadet. Chris chose to become a cadet, joining the prestigious JROTC program.

As a cadet, Chris looked up to Charlie, an older student who was well-respected both in JROTC and throughout the school. Charlie's distinct uniform, complete with a black beret and jump boots, identified him as a Saint Louis Ranger, an elite group within the JROTC. Chris was inspired by Charlie's confident demeanor and his unique uniform, which symbolized the dedication and commitment required of the Saint Louis Rangers.

The JROTC program was rigorous, requiring cadets to develop their physical fitness, tactical knowledge, and discipline. In addition to their regular classes, they also attended specialized training sessions in the woods behind the school's tennis courts. There, they practiced silent movement and visual tracking, honing their skills as future soldiers.

The Saint Louis Rangers were more than just an elite group within the JROTC; they were also a secret society bound by a code of honor and secrecy. The Rangers understood that if their secret activities were ever revealed, it could lead to the dismantling of the entire JROTC program and the termination of their beloved Sergeant Major. The threat of exposure loomed over their heads, adding another layer of intensity to their training.

On weekends, the Rangers would embark on field trips to train alongside actual military personnel. They would engage in mock battles and tactical exercises, honing their skills as part of the OPFOR. During these training exercises, they wore their Ranger Club black berets with pride, a symbol of their dedication and commitment to the JROTC program.

Despite their young age, the Rangers were subjected to training exercises that would challenge even the most experienced soldiers. The intensity of their training helped forge a strong bond between the cadets, a camaraderie that would last a lifetime.

One night, during a mock ambush, Chris and his fellow Rangers were captured by a group of experienced Army Scouts, who subjected the young cadets to intense interrogations. It was a sobering reminder of the stakes involved in their training and the harsh reality of military life. Despite this harrowing experience, the Rangers persevered, determined to excel in their training and uphold the legacy of the JROTC program.

As the Rangers grew older, they each pursued different paths in life. Some continued their military careers, while others ventured into civilian life. Regardless of their chosen paths, the experiences they shared as Saint Louis JROTC Rangers left an indelible mark on their lives. The black beret and jump boots would always serve as a reminder of their youthful determination, their unwavering commitment to honor and duty, and the friendships that were forged in the crucible of the Ranger Club.

Saint Louis School JROTC Rangers

Robert says:
Mar 16, 2023 05:31 PM

Awesome piece. Those were the best memories of my younger days. I still cant believe they let us do the things we did. Days od parents being comfortably in the dark are long gone unfortunately. Hua!

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