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Official Chris Abraham Blog

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Chris has had a web presence since 1993 and started blogging in 1999. Here Chris Abraham's official blog.


I don't even know where this poem came from. It really must have been possession, because this isn't very much me. Or is it? Well, its certainly innuendo.

Innuendo - Read More…



8:33) chris abraham 04-JAN-98 19:21

Ulysses - Read More…

There is magic

There is magic

8:21) chris abraham 07-OCT-97 16:16

There is magic - Read More…

Blue plastic kayaks

Blue plastic kayaks

Found poetry from a hyperfiction I created collaboratively with a bunch of friends back in 1998, called Collabor8, or 8: A Collaborative Hypernarrative Fiction

Blue plastic kayaks - Read More…

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