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Testimonial from Miriam's Kitchen

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We’re proud to share the testimonial that Jenn Roccanti, Assistant Director of Development at Miriam’s Kitchenwrote for us after Abraham Harrison helped them promote their participation in Give to the Max Day: Greater Washington on November 9th.

Testimonial from Miriam's Kitchen

Miriam's Kitchen

We are so grateful for the commitment Abraham Harrison has made to helping us end chronic homelessness in Washington, DC. Their commitment has been shown in many ways, and the most recent example is their pro-bono work on our behalf for Give to the Max Day in November 2011.

They created a clear, succinct Give to the Max Day social media news release that was shown to more than 1,100 bloggers in the DC area. From that outreach, many bloggers joined the conversation about ending chronic homelessness by publicizing Miriam’s Kitchen’s participation in Give to the Max Day.

Abraham Harrison was a key factor in our ability to raise money to end chronic homelessness in Washington, DC on Give to the Max Day. For that (and the many other amazing things they’ve done for us), we are forever grateful to have them working on our behalf.

I am committed to the mission of Miriam’s Kitchen which is ending chronic homelessness in Washington, DC.  While I volunteer as sous chef and dining room captain several times-a-month, this is the first opportunity that Abraham Harrison has gotten to work with Miriam’s.

Nov 21, 2011 12:00 AM