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Official Chris Abraham Blog

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Chris has had a web presence since 1993 and started blogging in 1999. Here Chris Abraham's official blog.


In the beginning there was URBAN.NET And Chris felt the pull of creativity The need to begin a community.

MEMES.ORG Genesis - Read More…

The beginning of URBAN.NET

The beginning of URBAN.NET

I had the domain name URBAN.NET and I wanted to create a community based on urban people and their wants and needs.

The beginning of URBAN.NET - Read More…

The seminal moments of Memespace

The seminal moments of Memespace

I had my dream: my own copy of Caucus and my own Server -- what to name it?

The seminal moments of Memespace - Read More…

My Caucus Systems Experience

My Caucus Systems Experience

I got the job at the same salary I was getting at Treas and still had to wait a couple months so that I could have my knee surgery.

My Caucus Systems Experience - Read More…

[Rant] LifeSpace [email protected] Thu, 14 Oct 1999 12:36:55 -0400

[Rant] LifeSpace - Read More…


A love poem for Michelle

Easter - Read More…

8: A Collaborative Hypernarrative Fiction

Collaborative Hyperfiction written between 02-SEP-97 and 31-AUG-1998

8: A Collaborative Hypernarrative Fiction - Read More…

Memory of the Tousled-Haired Girl

In March only the smokers stood outside on the street where the party was allowed to spill.

Memory of the Tousled-Haired Girl - Read More…

dry elbows

Love poem written for Michelle in Hawaii from DC.

dry elbows - Read More…


I don't even know where this poem came from. It really must have been possession, because this isn't very much me. Or is it? Well, its certainly innuendo.

Innuendo - Read More…



8:33) chris abraham 04-JAN-98 19:21

Ulysses - Read More…

There is magic

There is magic

8:21) chris abraham 07-OCT-97 16:16

There is magic - Read More…

Blue plastic kayaks

Blue plastic kayaks

Found poetry from a hyperfiction I created collaboratively with a bunch of friends back in 1998, called Collabor8, or 8: A Collaborative Hypernarrative Fiction

Blue plastic kayaks - Read More…

New Lovers

The sky took the morning. Birds tore small holes in the quiet.

New Lovers - Read More…

Metro Three

This poem is the end of a series of 1997-era poetry about seeing my friend Kathryn Medland after a few years. She was an amazing friend who I always adored for her love and lust for life. She honored me by featuring the work as part of her wedding reception's party favor and printed my words along with her other faves (e.e. cumming, etc.) and offering them to her wedding guests. It was high honor to me.

Metro Three - Read More…

Fallation Brass Axe

In 1997, I was apparently a surrealist poet.

Fallation Brass Axe - Read More…

Blue Kayaks

Mark and I keep Kayaks at Jack's Boats and since I was writing too much about girls and about psychobabble, I thought it prudent to allow my inner naturalist to surface.

Blue Kayaks - Read More…

fall rant

The first rain brought all the leaves to the slick city streets.

fall rant - Read More…

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