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Barefoot all Day

This was inspired by Anne Sexton "I Remember"

Barefoot all Day - Read More…

Two Of

©1996 Ariane Conrad

Two Of - Read More…


©1996 Kathryn Medland

Peaches - Read More…

Exploding Boy

I commissioned art from Velton Ross and received a poem, too!

Exploding Boy - Read More…


I think I must have been obsessed with Camus at the time of this poem.

Algeria - Read More…

brazen body

Probably a love poem about Michelle.

brazen body - Read More…


I was a bike courier for WEx, Washington Express, in my 20s.

63 - Read More…

A Poem for S.

©14 February 1995 Chris Abraham

A Poem for S. - Read More…

Ode to Fashion

Ode to Fashion

I feel like this is my favorite poem and the only one that my buddy Mark Harrison knows almost by heart. ©1995 Chris Abraham

Ode to Fashion - Read More…


Poem about visiting a volcanic eruption (grew up in Hawaii).

Brittle - Read More…

My Name is Scibe

My Name is Scibe

Back in 1994 I was part of a collaborative hiperfiction project called My Name is Scibe by Judy Malloy.

My Name is Scibe - Read More…

The Red-Hooded Sweatshirt

I fell in love with an English Rose named Liz Humphries while studying in England at UEA. When I met her, we were at the Norwich boat house for UEA. She wore a big unflattering sweatshirt, red as a Cardinal. I imprinted on it.

The Red-Hooded Sweatshirt - Read More…


Love poem written for and about my English Rose.

Sweatshirt - Read More…

Ford Pickup

Love it. I don't remember if I lived it.

Ford Pickup - Read More…

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