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Chris Abraham's Online Reputation Management (ORM) Skills

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As part of my SEO practice, I also do personal and corporate online reputation management (ORM) which is defensive SEO.

Back in 2003, my team and I developed a process by which we could counter-message negative search results and then push them down by flooding Google's and Bing's search index with both creating new positive and neutral content as well as reactivating older and archival positive and neutral content, which bubbles up positive and neutral search results and, over time, pushes down negative and unwanted Google and Bing search results down past the first, second, and oftentimes past the third page of Google.

This often works with Google and Bing images and predictive search as well.  We, and I, have done this for high personal wealth individuals as well as for women who were at the mercy of revenge porn as well as local lawyers, doctors, dentists, and business wieners who need to recover from negative search results as well as personal online attacks. It takes a lot of work.

Aug 11, 2019 02:50 PM
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