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Making myself swing heavier through light kettlebell deletion

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I pulled my 12kg and 16kg kettlebells from my daily two-handed swing lineup because I don't want the temptation to swing light.

Making myself swing heavier through light kettlebell deletion

First String Kettlebells

After doing a lot of reading about the hallowed two-handed kettlebell swing I have come to the conclusion that heavier is better even if it lowers the number of your daily swings or decreases the amount of time you swing per-day.

The benefits of heavy swings are worth it and the body's ability to adapt much more quickly under load means that that too-heavy bell will become daily bread before you know it. According to Bret Contreras, "heavier loads for medium-to-high reps build strength, explosive hip power, anaerobic conditioning, and even muscular shape in the posterior chain."

To wit, I put my big blue 12kg competition kettlebell and my tiny black 16kg cast iron kettlebell into their to-go bags, an LLBean tote and a GoRuck 10L Bullet pack, accordingly. Now, the only bells that are lined up for use are my 20kg, 24kg, and 32kg Kettlebell USA cast iron kettlebells.

So, I have to use them.

And, according to Pavel Tsatsouline, I really shouldn't be using anything less than a 24kg kettlebell anyway.

Zwift Update!

I am back on the treadmill desk as a Zwift walker, a Zwalker. In that case, there's loads of tech, including a Garmin HRM-Dual chest strap, Zwift, a Stryd pod, and my computer and an ANT+ dongle and then, of course, the treadmill desk. But I am happy with that because there's that deak that can easily handle everything. Thanks for dropping by and indulging these little posts. 

First String Kettlebells

Jul 21, 2020 03:19 PM