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Strength is earned, feeble happens

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I've returned to swinging heavy kettlebells, starting where a man my size and age should, 24kg.
Strength is earned, feeble happens

dinosaur , T-rex , Tyrannosaurus on white background

I've returned to swinging heavy kettlebells, starting where a man my size and age should, 24kg.

Before that, I had mostly abandoned my Concept2 rowing machine and SkiErg as well as my Very Heavy 24kg, 32kg, and 40kg kettlebells from Kettlebells USA.

What happens when you only focus on your cardio, your fitness, your stamina, and your legs?

Your arms, chest, shoulders, biceps, triceps, grip strength, and core become feeble and your arms become puny and scrawny.

So, while my legs and some of my posterior chain are pretty strong from the indoor cycling and shuffle running, my physical stamina is well above actual upper-body musculature, nervous system, traps, abs, tris, and even glutes, lower back and especially hamstrings can bear.

So, while the commitment is surely worthwhile, it proves to me that one needs to pursue a number of things concurrently: portion control, intense cardio, sustained cardio, as well as full-body strength training.

To ignore any one part puts the rest at risk.

Heaven forbid I would ever want to develop the physique of a Tyrannosaurus rex with its powerful quads and calves and puny little arms.

Worse, I would never want to have the physique of a professional cyclist!

Kettlebells USA 24 kg - 53 lb Metrixx® Elite Precision E-Coat Kettlebell

dinosaur , T-rex , Tyrannosaurus on white background

What ChatGPT Thinks

Yes, strength is earned through consistent effort and dedication to training, while feebleness can result from a lack of physical activity and exercise. Regular strength training can help improve overall health, increase bone density, improve balance and coordination, and boost self-confidence.

It's important to note that everyone's journey towards strength and fitness will look different, and progress may be slow and steady rather than rapid. It's important to set achievable goals, track progress, and celebrate small victories along the way. Strength training requires patience, persistence, and consistency, but the rewards can be significant, both physically and mentally.

It's also important to recognize that strength is not just about physical ability but also mental fortitude. Consistent training and discipline can help develop mental toughness and resilience, which can have benefits beyond the gym.

What Bard Thinks

I like that saying. It's true that strength is not something that is given to us. It is something that we have to earn through hard work, dedication, and perseverance.

When we work out, we are not just building muscle. We are also building strength of character. We are learning to push ourselves beyond our limits and to never give up on our goals. We are also learning to discipline ourselves and to make healthy choices.

As we get stronger, we also become more confident. We start to believe in ourselves and our abilities. We start to see ourselves as capable of anything.

So if you want to be strong, don't wait for it to happen to you. Go out and earn it.