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Many rows make light work of the Concept2 Holiday Challenge

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I have 19-days left in the 2020 Concept2 Holiday Challenge and I have reached 48,057 meters and have 151,943 meters left, requiring an average of 7,997 meters/day to get 200,000 meters done by midnight Christmas Eve, 24 December. Wish me luck!

Many rows make light work of the Concept2 Holiday Challenge

2020 C2 Holiday Challenge

Date Duration Distance Stroke Pace Watts Calories HR
11/27/2020 20:10h 39:07 6,523m 26spm 02:59.9 60W 327C 94bpm
11/28/2020 19:34h 31:06 5,307m 26spm 02:55.8 64W 269C 105bpm
11/29/2020 20:19h 20:44 3,386m 24spm 03:03.7 56W 169C 91bpm
11/30/2020 20:15h 48:56 7,327m 23spm 03:20.4 43W 369C 77bpm
12/2/2020 20:41h 45:44 7,836m 25spm 02:55.1 65W 396C 99bpm
12/3/2020 21:17h 46:53 7,810m 25spm 03:00.1 60W 393C 97bpm
12/4/2020 20:45h 29:38 5,012m 26spm 02:57.3 63W 252C 91bpm
12/5/2020 21:01h 30:29 4,856m 26spm 03:08.3 52W 242C 90bpm
    48,057m 25spm 03:02.6 58W 2,417C 93bpm

Concept2 Holiday Challenge

Row, ski or ride 100k or 200k meters between American Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve and help raise money for one of four great charities.

  • Row, ski and/or ride 100,000 meters or 200,000 meters from November 26 to 11:59 p.m. December 24.
  • Indoor rower, SkiErg and BikeErg meters only (no on water/on snow meters please). You can combine meters from each machine to reach the challenge goal. Note: BikeErg meters are counted as half when applied to the challenge. Learn more about BikeErg meters below in How To Participate.
  • If you're looking for help in recording your meters, ErgData is a good option for iPhone and Android users.
  • Support great causes with your meters! Read about this year’s charities below.
  • This is an individual challenge. Teams are not used for this challenge.
  • The Kids' Holiday Challenge allows kids (aged 16 and under) to participate at 50,000 meters.
  • Adaptive athletes can choose to participate at the 50k, 100k, or 200k levels.
  • Deadline for entering meters: 11:59 pm GMT (6:59 pm ET), January 4th.
Concept2 Holiday Challenge 2020

Dec 06, 2020 02:50 PM