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Every man's man has to have at least one thing he cooks -- something he brags about and is known for, at least in the family. My dad made "hash" which was a mixture of corned beef hash from a can, pan fried leftover baked potato from the night before, and sometimes, onion. Many men are known for their waffles or their pancakes, and some are known for their Sunday fry ups. Well, let me tell you about the moment I knew I would make crêpes my signature dish.

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Effective PR Blogging

Effective PR Blogging

How to develop an effective public relations (PR) blog strategy for your company or organization.

Effective PR Blogging - Read More…

Running Again

I spent my entire evening getting caught up on work at the office and then pulled myself off the workstation and sulked home. I was tired and felt worn out; although I was not fatigued. Before anything else, I pulled on my orange Saucony Jazz runners and some togs, stretched slowly, and then hit the pavement.

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Frank Burns Obituary & Service

Frank Lee Burns died Thursday, December 4, at Seton Health Center, surrounded by his loving family. Frank Burns was born in Colby, Kansas, on November 23, 1939, the son of Oran Burns and Marie Wilson Burns.

Frank Burns Obituary & Service - Read More…

Health Begot Health; Trust Begot Trust; Faith Begot Faith

There is a slogan I remembered this morning which brought everything together for me: fake it ‘til you make it.

Health Begot Health; Trust Begot Trust; Faith Begot Faith - Read More…

Domke F-2 Reviewed

Domke F-2 Reviewed

The most wonderful bag I have ever owned for my cameras. Cannot beat the Domke F-2. I have owned my black canvas F-2 since 1994, which makes my bag 9 and a half years old.

Domke F-2 Reviewed - Read More…

Wireless is Heavenly

Wireless is Heavenly

I do most of my work from the various charming confines of coffee houses like Murkey Coffee (nee Stompin' Grounds) and Starbucks.

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Katja Scholz mentioned in the Washington Times

Our favorite Yogini, Doula, and HypnoBirthing guru, Katya Scholz (nee Katja), is mentioned in the following article "Deliverance from the pain" by Michelle Rothman of the Washington Times. Kudos to Katja!

Katja Scholz mentioned in the Washington Times - Read More…

Chris as Morning Person? Believe It!

The changes in my life have been dazzling, especially for me. Now I am a morning person.

Chris as Morning Person? Believe It! - Read More…

Run, Abraham, Run!

I have been running for about 45 minutes to an hour every morning for weeks now and every run is as fulfilling as the last.

Run, Abraham, Run! - Read More…

Washington Sports Club

Washington Sports Club

I spend more time at the gym than I care to mention. Just about every night, sometimes every other. I am about to go now. Its not as stultifying as it sounds.

Washington Sports Club - Read More…


The age-old tale of a fat old codger who is slowly becoming a young buck.

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I just quit the gym. I am addicted to running. Running takes a long time, so I can only do one or the other, and the Washington Sports Club loses this battle. There is nothing like running, to be sure.

Addicted - Read More…

A Simple Solution

I have always had a terrible time keeping my space clean and organized. Everyone knows that who knows me.

A Simple Solution - Read More…

eResources Press Release

eResources Press Release

WASHINGTON, DC – eResources, a leading provider of content management systems and IT solutions, is pleased to announce the appointment of Chris Abraham as the new Director of Sales. Abraham will be responsible for guiding the company’s business development efforts.

eResources Press Release - Read More…

Las Hadas

Las Hadas is the most beautiful resort on planet Earth and you can see it thanks to Chris and Kerri McCanna!

Las Hadas - Read More…

Director of Sales at eResources

Director of Sales at eResources

Yesterday at lunch I accepted a position as a salesman for eResources LLC.

Director of Sales at eResources - Read More…

Bahía Tortuga

Mark and I sailed Kinship II from Cabo – the last place from which I reported – to a small fishing village named Bahía Tortuga, or Turtle Bay. Turtle Bay was a reluctant stop. We wanted to come in, fuel up, and then head out. Charlie’s Charts recommended Jorge, and he was the first person to zip up the Kinship in his outboard.

Bahía Tortuga - Read More…

Back Home

Nature has done brilliantly as she has made Washington simply devastatingly inviting.

Back Home - Read More…

Poetry Published in Russia

Years and years ago I was asked if I was willing to have some of my poems published on a website in Russia. I was willing. They're now closed so I replicated them here.

Poetry Published in Russia - Read More…

Sailing for Lent

Sailing for Lent

My spiritual experience of sailing during Lent during my Jesus year birthday of 33 and all the important lessons and experience I have been lucky to have as a result.

Sailing for Lent - Read More…

Aborted our Sail out of Cabo

Aborted our Sail out of Cabo

Mark has never done it and neither of us is the type, but either the people we have met in Cabo are pulling major magic or we forgot to weigh anchor because we left Cabo San Lucas and then came right back. It was 12 hours of being on a stationary bike at sea: lots of peddling but we weren't going anywhere.

Aborted our Sail out of Cabo - Read More…

Cabo's Social Climbers, Us!

Cabo's Social Climbers, Us!

Wherever we go on this trip, Mark Harrison and I seem to be taken underwing. In this case, we were allowed to become Cabo San Lucas socialites for a day: High tea and fashion show; fashion show, and then an evening espresso. Top drawer!

Cabo's Social Climbers, Us! - Read More…

Los Cabos

Los Cabos

We limped into this cheesy tourist trap which does first-world better than the United States. What we discovered was an amazing assortment of magic and beautiful, selfless people.

Los Cabos - Read More…

Mark & Chris in Zihuat, MX

This is the only known image of Mark Harrison without his red Victorian romantic hair, and also me -- and I have no hair because I want to be like Mark.

Mark & Chris in Zihuat, MX - Read More…

Travelling to Cabo San Lucas

Travelling to Cabo San Lucas

Its all the best and the worse of everything you could imagine from one of the top holiday, winter, and spring break destinations on the planet for Americans on the west coast and in the bread basket.

Travelling to Cabo San Lucas - Read More…

Still Sailing Mexico's Pacific

Still Sailing Mexico's Pacific

20-days into the Sail and we have only gone from Acapulco to Zihuatenejo to Las Hadas, Manzanillo. Many more miles to go. From Club de Yates de Acapulco to Rick's Bar to Dolphin rapists to gorgeous Las Hadas, oh my.

Still Sailing Mexico's Pacific - Read More…

Hola de Montezuma

Hola de Montezuma

I was fine for the first couple of days, but the sun, the heat, and a bottle of green water put me down for a metric day. Luckily, I am back in the saddle again.

Hola de Montezuma - Read More…



I am now in Acapulco and excited by the sail from here to Los Angeles. I am not sure when we will be leaving for the sail, but Acapulco easily earns its reputation as paradise.

Acapulco - Read More…

Gone Sailing

I am off to join the crew of a sailboat that is about to set sail out of Acapulco.

Gone Sailing - Read More…

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