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Using Your Personal Brand To Beef Up Your Business

If you have been taking the time to build a personal brand, one that is separate from your business, then you can experience a lot of benefits in your own professional life. It can help you network, keep opportunities open, and develop a reputation beyond your own business. However, your personal brand can also greatly help you improve your business. Here, we’re going to look at how to use it to the best effect.

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Don’t be afraid to promote personally

Your business provides an opportunity for you to keep growing your personal brand. Don’t think that you have to do them separately. Creating a strong business brand requires perseverance, and having a strong, consistent message can help to nail the point home for your audience. In this case, your personal branding is part of that message. Using your own reputation for professionalism, insight, and expertise can help you transfer the same qualities to the brand. You might call this the Steve Jobs effect, for an example of what it looks like in the best-case scenario.

Tell your story

A lot of entrepreneurs have a story to tell. It might be one that you have told to the benefit of your personal brand before, but it’s worth repeating for your business, as well. Constructing an About Us page on your website offers you the perfect space to tell that story. Detail your own expertise, the work you put in to maintain your success, and how your personal triumphs and values translate into the values that are represented by the business, as well.

Tie your online presence together

If you have your own business website, and your personal brand’s social media, then you can further strengthen the link between the two to create the right association in the minds of your website’s visitors. You can, for instance, embed a LinkedIn feed on your website, so that visitors are always able to see the latest posts and news you’ve uploaded to your LinkedIn page. Otherwise, it could well be easy for your customers or clients to not even realize that you, personally, are tied to the company that you own. It also acts as a great opportunity to market what insights you publish and have more people see them.

Use the power of positive social proof

If you have a good social brand, then you are going to have positive social proof of it. This is likely to look like people liking, sharing, and replying to your posts on social media. If you have that buzz around your account, then you should make sure that you’re occasionally redirecting it towards your business, as well. For instance, new business blog posts or news can be used as opportunities to deliver a little additional insight or to celebrate a win on social media. Your supporters will help boost the message, which can drive traffic to your site.

A strong personal brand might transcend your business, but you should ensure that your business at least enjoys some of the benefits of it. The tips above should help you do that.