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Skinny & Co. Case Study

Over the course of three months, Gerris contacted thousands of bloggers resulting in 500 posts, YouTube videos, and social media mentions from influencers across the board. This helped increase Skinny's audience reach and generate lots of new customers.

Skinny Coconut OilChallenge: Skinny & Co. was missing out on the global health stampede in search of the best all-purpose coconut oil and they didn’t want to miss out. While their product is wild harvested, hand pressed, small batched, never heated, 100 percent pure, 100 percent virgin, and 100 percent chemical- and solvent-free, their market was niche and they were losing out too much on bigger brands offering mass quantities of sub-par consumer-grade coconut oil.

The popularity of coconut oil is being seen throughout the natural foods industry, and it’s likely that the consumer demand for this oil isn’t going to drop in the near future. Chances are that if the supply continues to trend downward as it has for the last few years, prices for aren’t likely to drop significantly in the near future.

Solution: We reached out to a wide assortment of Fitness & Health, Lifestyle, Parenting, Beauty, and Yoga influencers over three months, 1,236 bloggers on month one, 1,396 on month two, and 1,496 on month three. Each influencer was offered a blogger gift basket which included a broad array of sample Skinny coconut oil-based product unless they asked for something more specific, such as a 16 oz bottle of coconut oil for cooking for cooks and chefs who would prefer cooking oil to beauty products, for example, or for an especially élite Tier-1 influencer.

During the entire earned media publicity campaign, we didn’t compensate influencers, just offered them products for testing and review, though it is a premium product. Our publicity team engaged each and every influencer by hand, making sure they were provided with everything they needed. In addition, as part of the kid-glove, white-glove, campaign, each and everyone who responded and was interested in receiving Skinny & Co. product to review received it. After which, our team facilitated each and every one of the 695 respondents over the course of the three-month campaign.

In some cases, we coached influencers on how to do an unboxing video and publish it on YouTube; in other cases, we would keep reaching out to make sure each influencer actually receiving the product, had the opportunity to try out and have a good experience, and then actually follow through and blog, vlog, and social media share onto Instagram, SnapChat, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Results: Over the course of the campaign, we reached out to 3000+ blogger/influencers in demographics ranging from Fitness & Health, Lifestyle, Parenting, Yoga and more. There were 712 responses (24% response rate) and 434 requests for products to be sent. The outreach campaign generated approximately 500 posts across blogs, YouTube and social channels.

During the three month campaign, the Skinny Coconut Oil website saw a 76% increase in new users and revenue.

"Skinny & Co. is thrilled with the outcome of our 3-month blogger campaign! Working with Chris and Dan was an absolute delight. Their professionalism is unmatched and we were extremely satisfied with the response to their work! Over the course of three months, they contacted thousands of bloggers resulting in 500 posts, YouTube videos, and social media mentions from influencers across the board. This helped increase our audience reach and generate lots of new customers. Plus, everything was timely, well-organized, and easy to understand. I'd highly recommend their services and look forward to working with them again in the future. Thanks so much, Chris and Dan!" - Kaylyn Easton, CMO, Skinny & Co.