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When I said I was slow rowing I wasn't joking

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I did an hour yesterday while watching Spies in Disguise. And I did it slowly. When I talk about slow-rowing, I am not kidding.

When I said I was slow rowing I wasn't joking

2020 Concept2 Fall Team Challenge

I am stringing meters together for the 2020 Concept2 Fall Team Challenge that's currently underway. I am building my base up slowly. So, last night, I sat down on the sliding seat of my old old old Model C Concept2 Indoor Rower and just rowed for an hour straight while watching the thoroughly enjoyable family animation major motion picture, Spies in Disguise. And just so that you know that I am not humble-bragging when I talk about slow-rowing, I am not. Here are my splits and they are slow. I am building a base right now, keeping everything chill. I am even under my Maffetone rate of 105bpm-115bpm, but that's OK because I just wanted to make it to 1 hour, which is what I plan to do every night for the rest of my life.

1:00:00.0 9,506m 3:09.3 52 477 25 96
12:00.0 1,882m 3:11.2 50 472 25 92
24:00.0 1,789m 3:21.2 43 447 24 88
36:00.0 1,864m 3:13.1 49 467 26 96
48:00.0 1,876m 3:11.8 50 470 25 97
1:00:00.0 2,095m 2:51.8 69 537 26 111


So, with that in mind, I really should have rowed more than 10,000 meters in an hour. I only made it to 9,506 meters last night, which is OK. I am sure, over time, while the time stays constant, I am sure my meters, pace, watts, and calories/hr will increase over time. Last night, I didn't do any power-10s or pyramids or sprints or anything besides steady-state. I am not only OK with that but I am proud, to boot. The sixty-minutes went by easily and I didn't suffer from extreme boredom or frustration. I did the work and I got her done and I feel rested, strong, and healthy enough to do another hour again tonight, and tomorrow night, and until I am, what, maybe, 80?

Concept2 Fall Team Challenge 2020

Oct 06, 2020 10:50 AM