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Returning to Dungeons & Dragons after 33 years away

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My Dungeon Master (DM) is awesome. After the game—during which I was played as an NPC (Non Player Character) because I couldn't make the game—he wrote me the most amazing recap and also updated my character from level 3 to level 4 and sent me my updated character sheet in a gorgeously-rendered PDF (inline, attached below). Enjoy! Real names have been erased to protect real people.

Returning to Dungeons & Dragons after 33 years away

Sir James, Level 4 Paladin

This is me, Chris Abraham, embracing the full-on Nerd I hadn't been since I was 14-years-old and playing with Bill Tabuyo and Roy Bann in our parents' apartments in Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii, circa 1984. Enjoy the gorgeous story telling abilities my Dungeon Master via recap-writing. Imagine how good he is as an actual DM. Remember, my DM played my character yesterday, during our weekly Sunday afternoon games, because I couldn't attend. I really enjoyed the recap and wanted to share it with you. Enjoy and #nerdPride

The game resumed with the party finishing a long-rest in the main floor of the abby when the Spector reappeared and you killed it rather spectacularly. The gnome wizard then used his Feather Fall spell and the whole party jumped of the cliff at the rear of the ruin to float down to forest below. You then reunited with Friar Owley. With him were a dwarf and a gnome who were goblin hunters. They said their companion was being held captive by the goblins near the abby. However, the party decided to return to Blackstone.

The two goblin hunters said they would not abandon their companion unless they knew he was dead. Meanwhile, Friar Owley bestowed at new shield and tabard from the chest he had been carrying from Palestone (City where the temple of Anu is located). He then ordained you as a knight of the temple decem. Then he said goodbye and lamented that you would likely never meet again, as he would return to the temple whereas you would begin your duties as an knight errant. The wood elf said she would guide him (the boy and his bodyguard) to Cliffwater, a city in the mountains where they would winter before continuing to Palestone.

The party then traveled back down the valley past the hag's burned out shack. You camped near the entrance to the valley. The next morning you were beset by the hag, a dark ephemeral hound, and several harpies. Both you and Anton (the fighter) were knocked down as some point. Zhet was turned into a raven and flew off. However, she subsequently made a saving throw and reverted to her normal form. However, as she was flying she fell 30', but survived otherwise.

After you were knocked down (0 hit points) the hag turned invisible, and neither her or the shadowy hound returned. Immediately after the harpies likewise flew away. Zhet healed you and you discovered the dark glass shard was missing. She had apparently stolen it from you. The party was overcome by forbidding as she had screeched at you to, "Giver her the heart." You know believe she was referring to the glass shard you had taken from beneath the Tomb of Sir Hennion.

Also, you were able to use your Channel Divinity ability to restore the Greatsword (Nethersong) to a magic +1 sword.

So awesome!

Sir James, Level 4 Paladin, Dungeons & Dregons

Oct 23, 2017 07:30 PM