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Shadow Conventions 2000

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Went to Mass today at St. James' Episcopal Church Capitol Hill and was happy to see Father Downing back! He looked great! Today was Saint James' day as well so we ate and ate and ate and saw off Dan and Chris and loved Father D.

I made my first fried chicken using a Martha Stewart recipe that Michelle sussed for me. The previous night was delish, but the cooking was very cool as well -- I did do 50% of the cooking whilst still keeping up with the Shadow Conventions 2000 work -- and now its 0100 on 31-7-00 and I am tired.

Shadow Convention 2000

I did get in 2 hours of work out while Michelle was out with Donald seeing Sunshine. I also walked home and I realised that I love to move around and it might be the best way to stay sane.

Tomorrow (today) I will go re-up my Passport because I am going to Israel in November. Also, to Sautee on 1 Sept, Marlise is coming soon, Michelle's mum is too, and I will be going to NYC this upcomming weekend hell or high water!

Fun fun fun; busy busy busy.

Also, billed PM & SC -- so those bad boys are off like a shot!

Jul 31, 2000 12:00 AM