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Another Perfect week

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Well, I had much fun this week.

I went to the Screen on the Green on Monday and enjoyed The Maltese Falcon with some cook cats and kittens. Then, on Tuesday night, I did an erg, went to the pool, and then spent the evening at Arlington Central Public Library. On Wednesday, I had lunch with Joel Burton from SCW and we talked Zope. Later, I saw the first screening in DC of Apocalypse Now Reduxas part of the WAMU gathering. Ate at Café Olé before the film. On Thursday I revised my Résumé and went to the pool twice as well as spending the evening talking with some really cool people about all sorts of Very Important Things. Today, I am off via either Bus or Train to NYC where I will play with a group of canny friends, Marlise, Minna, Mark, and Matt. Hopefully also John and others. I am staying in Brooklyn in a pretty hip pad thanks to sweet Anne Brossard, the goddess with whom I traveled the globe. Merci beaucoup, Mlle. Brossard!

Aug 03, 2001 08:45 AM