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New York City

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I spent the weekend to see Marlise. She was sent by her company, Mamma Cash, to do some training for her job in sfo and she stopped in nyc on the way home. She has always come to DC to see me, so I returned the favor!

Well, I jumped onto the train and shot up there and enjoyed hanging out with all the M's in my life: Mark, Marlise, Minna, and Matt.

Marlise, Matt and I spent some hip time at a bar called something tan which affected a pop-asian vibe. The on to 5 lakes. The next day, Mark and I met up and girlwatched the day away before we ate at a fabu restaurant called "Zen Palatte" (which everyone knows and it on Union Square) before blowing our sheduled meet with Marlise at a place called Marion's, deep in the village.

The next day, Marlise, Matt, Minna, ate a delish bruch at a place called Beso, a cuban joint, in Brooklyn and I drank Cafe con leche and a trout dish with hollandaise sauce.

Mark flaked.

Marlise and I hit the hot and humid road and viewed "My Reality" at the BMA, which was basically a manga and anime-inspired high-pop-art exhibition.

After seeing Marlise off to the airport, and after eating a yummy din of chiecken curry with Miss. Anne and her betrothed, Ian (this canny couple let me crash at their pad 'cause I ain't got no cash), I rushed to the coolect hippest hipster pretty people bar to meet with Mr. Swerdloff.

The guys got a rap, that's for sure.

Aug 07, 2001 08:00 AM