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When demotion is the perfect thing

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Demoted demotion at Miriam's Kitchen!

When demotion is the perfect thing

Chris Abraham at Miriam's Kitchen

As of today, I have traded responsibility for fun at Miriam's Kitchen--from Sous Chef to Dinner Volunteer.

I've been volunteering at MKs since 2010. Recently there have been so many changes that my head is still spinning. MK's new kitchen is a lot more strict and professional.

In lieu of feeling like I am working the line as Les Halles, I demoted myself to just a generic Dinner Volunteer. I bet I'll start having fun again, serving my homeless guests and enjoying my standing Thursday 4PM-6:30PM dinners.

I am sorry to admit this but I need to enjoy myself full in addition to serving my homeless guests, especially when I volunteer every Thursday.

I want to look forward to my time at Miriam's Kitchen instead of dreading it. I guess this is my Seven-Year itch. I actually was pretty willing to end the relationship--to quit--but I just accepted a sweet, sweet, demotion.

Ironically, after year one of being a Sous Chef at MKs, I gave up wearing the Chefs Jacket, preferring just to wear the simple apron.

Until recently, however, I had always been Dining Room Captain, which is a much different job than working in the kitchen. But I love working on the Dining Room! I get to spend time with my guests and with those amazing Angels, the Case Managers, MK's spocial workers--the real reason why the kitchen even exists.

So, maybe this has been a long time coming. I am actually quite relieved now. All I need to do is serve my community. A am no longer a Essential Staff--I am non-essential staff!

Plus, I have 7-years of Sous Chef and Dining Room Captain experience! I am a de facto understudy! I am a double-secret pinch hitter!

Plus, I am not driven my prestige or status--let everyone else have that in the kitchen!

I just hope that Martha Wolf can get me the OK to start sharing my volunteering on social media again--that is kind of a deal breaker.

I miss Jennifer RoccantiAshley LawsonJohn Murphy, and Emily Hagel Paul so much!

Great news! Ciji Wagner is pinch hitting as Chef today during my service! I miss her, too.

Chris Abraham as Miriam's Kitchen Sous Chef

Oct 05, 2017 12:55 PM