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Search Engine Optimization

Chris Abraham has been doing organic SEO since 1993, before Google, back when there were only directories.

SEO, specifically optimizing for Google Search, isn't a simple matter. Google is a moving target that bites any missteps severely. Maybe not immediately, but eventually. Bad acting at any time in the past is often severely penalizing in the present or future. So many of my clients have been burnt. Sure, there were so many loopholes that grey- and black-hat SEO and SEM experts have used in the past that were never technically explicitly illegal at the time according to the letter of the law but have become banned because of the spirit of the law: in search, never pretend you're something you're not

Chris Abraham has over twenty-years of search experience and has been dancing with Yahoo since 1995 and with Google and MSN Search (now Bing) since 1998. To Chris, modern search is an amalgam of signal that indicate to Google, for example, whether online content is worthy and worthwhile of the potential search traffic that Google routinely sends somewhere. 

In addition to the top-five traditional recommendations -- inbound links, text links, quality titles, compelling content, and loading speed -- there are so many other strategies, both onsite and off, that come together to endear your content to Google in a real way, a way that will endure, a way that will never blog up in your face, because Chris adheres to the spirit of the way when it comes to search and not the latest high-risk experimental loopholes that are constantly being ferreted out shared online -- and often work for a while. But, ultimately, always get you caught when the loophole closes in top of you, your site, and your brand.

Chris Abraham would be very happy to work with you on SEO and SEM projects, be it as a strategist or as a consultant. Chris will happily audit your site for search, put together a strategy that you can then implement, or you can have Chris perform the audit, the strategy and then perform the implementation, from soup to nuts.