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Roger Wolfson on Fitness and Moderation

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I was in my 20s when I met Roger Wolfson. He has always had a vision for his life even when he was in his young 30s. He's always nourished his mind, body, and spirit, and has never gained an ounce of fat (only muscle) while keeping a positive attitude even while the planet is burning around us. Think globally but act locally personified.

Roger Wolfson on Fitness and Moderation

Roger Wolfson

Wisdom in someone in their late-20s, early 30s? Well, here's only some of the Roger Wolfson wisdom that I paraphrased from memory:

Roger Wolfson on Fitness and Moderation

"Always go to the gym, no matter what. If you decide to hit the happy hours after work and get loaded on apps and drinks, it's especially important that you make it to the gym. Your workout might be garbage but you get to keep your habit, your commitment, and you'll regret having over-indulged immediately as you lift weights and hit the treadmill.

Additionally, by going to the gym every day⁠—even after swilling half-priced or free wine and spirits⁠—you'll limit your exposure, preventing your happy-hour from becoming an unhappy all-nighter.

To quote Oscar Wilde, 'Everything in moderation, including moderation.'

And, either way, it tempers you and makes your commitments to yourself, your health, your well-being, and health harder to dismiss than using 'I'm a little drunk' or 'I ate too much' or 'I feel sick to my stomach' as a too-easy excuse to avoid the gym and the workout.

It makes the commitment a lot stronger, especially when drinking or over-eating are always well within your control in the first place. Never reward yourself for your bad behavior, lean into the suffering associated with doing the best thing for yourself and others, for your health, wellness, strength, longevity, and fitness benefit others as well.

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