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Gym gym gym gym gym gym gym gym

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Since the rentals of the fine singles down at the Thompsons boat center is discontinued for the season, I am now spending a heck of a lot of time at the WSC.

I spend 5k meters on the Erg, then some time on the elliptical machine. Then to the weights. Hooyah! 

I have been running from my pad to the gym these days. Running is something I have not done in over ten years so I am very happy to be returning into the world of health and strength.

I do lat pull-downs, extreme chest flies, prayer bench bicep curls, crooked barbell curls, tricep pull-downs, military press, assisted pull ups, shrugs, etc. Plus lots of stretching and some ab work (never enough, eh?)

Mostly Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, the nights Wendy is busy figure skating.

Dec 03, 2002 07:25 AM