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42-Minute-Run in 24-Degree-Weather

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I didn't get to the gym tonight. I went last night. Instead of resting, I felt like a lump so at around 11:30pm I put on my running togs, pulled on a watch cap, stuck my MiniDisc player into one sock, my keys in another, stuck them onto my hands, and hit the road.

My feet were cold the entire time. I should have worn socks. If any of you have advice on how to dress for deep Winter jogging, I would appreciate it.

I ran from 14th & A Street, SE along Mass Ave until Stanton Park, then down Maryland to 2nd. Left at 2nd, town to Penn Ave, then veered left at North Carolina and to home, if you know how far that is.

The only reason I know the temperature is that there is a Citibank at 6th and Pennsylvania. 12am and 24F.

When I got home, my face was burnt from the cold. Luckily, no frostbite.

Dec 03, 2002 10:00 PM