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You Know You're in Hawaii When

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If you have never been to Hawaii for an extended stay, lived there, grew-up there, or live there, the following will be basically meaningless, unless you're Mark or Leigh, who Grokked it all right away! Aloha!

You Know You're in Hawaii When

Hawaiian Flag

  • Nobody is sure exactly where "north" is.
  • The state dog is the pit bull.
  • On the street where you live every refrigerator has a bottle of shoyu inside.
  • Your cousin is Japanese-Chinese-French-Filipino-Korean-Scottish-Portuguese-Hawaiian, plus some stuff too manini to mention.
  • To go out on Saturday night and impress the girl, you wear your bestest shorts.
  • Gobos is now just a bunch of green vegetables, not a rallying cry for the home team.
  • Somewhere over the rainbow a big H flies.
  • The most important thing to know about a person is where they went to high school.
  • The second most important thing to know about a person is the year they wen' grad.
  • Your second home is the beach.
  • Birds walk more often than they fly.
  • You can't see the forest for the political sign-wavers.
  • It's raining buckets on your picnic and everybody agrees, "It's a blessing".
  • You're nobody 'til somebody says you're part of the ohana.
  • Telling an ethnic joke is politically correct.
  • Saying "Eh!" constitutes major oratory filled with profound implications.
  • The Legislature is a daycare center for troubled adults.
  • A pedestrian in a crosswalk, sheesh, some nerve that guy!.
  • You watch your favorite shows "on top the TV".
  • Stopping to smell the flowers can take all day.
  • Nobody knows where the "fast lane" is on the freeway.
  • The best cooks all use lots of mayonnaise.
  • An approaching hurricane means only one thing - surf's up, brah!.
  • The name Duke means royalty.
  • If you can make it here, why the heck would you want to be in Noo Yawk?
  • Las Vegas is Mecca.
  • White rice is a sacrament.
  • Spam is for special occasions.
  • Beans are the perfect condiment for ice cream.
  • The ukulele is a classical music instrument.
  • A silver-haired ex-mayor is like your eccentric uncle -- he keeps repeating himself and nobody pays any attention.
  • Female volleyball players are major celebrities.
  • The weather report says "mauka showers".
  • A lava rock gives you chickenskin.
  • A stranger shares aloha.
Dec 03, 2002 07:10 AM