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Elite Jogging Vlogger Jamison Michael has a pretty posse on Jami's Review

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Jamison Michael is a charming so and so and is one of the most influential running shoe vloggers out there.

Elite Jogging Vlogger Jamison Michael has a pretty posse on Jami's Review

Jamison Michael and Megan Wagenaar and their abs

Once you start watching Jamison Michael on YouTube you'll never stop. Jamison Michael's like a box of chocolate, you never know what you're gonna get. But it's always good stuff. Sometimes the content's very personal, about his life and how he's doing. Sometimes he just reviews shoes with extremely fit and extremely chill and extremely fun and funny young men and woman with various level of running performance.

For example, there's Megan Wagenaar, who is built for speed. She's funny, silly, confident, and fast!

As with Megs, Jamison Michael is a king- and queen-maker as he is the rare YouTube celebrity who gladly shares his limelight with a cadre of lovely, charming, funny, intelligent, fit, fast, quick, charismatic, and pretty men and woman who help round out his comprehensive shoe reviews. 

While Jami looks like he's built for speed, he is the go-to guy when it comes to being an Elite Jogger. Kofuzi is a non-elite runner, Seth James DeMoor is, indeed, and elite runner bringing home the Ws, but Jami Michael has embraced the moniker of jogger, of jogging. But, elite.

Maybe I was the last to watch and follow and subscribe to Jami's Reviews but he's both extremely low-key funny while also being extremely honest and open about who he is and what he's about.  He's only got 63.2k subscribers (it should be 632k subs) so let's do our best helping the Austin, Texas, runner make as many dollars in ad revenue as possible because Austin will, very soon, become as an expensive place to live as Silicon Valley has been.  Here's an example of one of Jamison Michael's videos as a starting point:

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