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Noraly Schoenmaker returns in season 3 of Itchy Boots on YouTube

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Noraly AKA Itchy Boots is my favorite person on planet earth and she's back for season three of her video travelogue today!
Noraly Schoenmaker returns in season 3 of Itchy Boots on YouTube

Noraly Schoenmaker AKA Itchy Boots

Unlike season one and season twoItchy Boots is taking on Western and Northern Europe. First destination is Iceland. So, on her new-to-her Japanese motorcycle, Ronin, from Utrecht, Netherlands, through Germany, into Denmark, and then into a ferry and to Iceland you go. Don't worry, today the first episode of the third season dropped so you won't be behind (though you have all of Russia, the Stans, Asia, and South America to catch up on, season 1 and 2). Who is Noraly? 

My name is Noraly and I am a 31-year-old Dutch solo female traveller, currently riding a Royal Enfield Himalayan from India towards Malaysia and beyond. My travels really kicked off at the age of 23 when I ended up working in gold mining in Australia, became rich, and travelled solo around the world for two full years.

That's who, though now, she was back home in Utrecht, a town I lived in most of the summer of 1996, because the global Novel Coronavirus pandemic caught her in a small, rightfully afraid of ousiders, village in Peru. Thankfully, the Dutch government was able to repatriation lovely Noraly back to The Netherlands while leaving her beloved, second, Royal Enfield Himalayan named Dhanno and all her gear with a shipping company in Lima. Now, after buying a second-hand Honda CB500X with 10,000 kilometers (now, 11,000 kilometers before heading out to catch the car ferry to Iceland. Maybe this one:

A Smyril Line passenger & car ferry called the Norröna sails from Hirtshals in northern Denmark to Torshavn in the Faeroe Islands & Seydisfjördur in Iceland, roughly once a week all year round.

Now that you're all caught up, here's the first episode that launched today of season 3 of Itchy Boots by Miss Noraly Schoenmaker. Enjoy!

Hi there! My name is Noraly and I’m passionate about motorbikes and crazy adventures. I quit my job and sold my stuff - now I'm traveling the world fulltime by motorcycle. SOLO!

Comprehensive Bio Biography of Noraly Schoenmaker AKA Itchy Boots

Noraly Schoenmaker, better known as Itchy Boots, has had an adventurous journey that has captured the interest of many. Born on June 30, 1987, in Nieuwerkerk, Netherlands, Noraly is currently 36 years old. She stands at a height of 5 feet 6 inches and weighs around 58 kg. Raised in a supportive family, her father operated a hardware store and her mother was a homemaker. She has a brother, though details about him are not publicly known.

Noraly's educational background is quite impressive. She attended Utrecht University, where she graduated with a Master of Science degree in Geochemistry in 2010. Initially, she started her doctorate in geochemistry but later dropped out to pursue her passion for travel. Before becoming a full-time traveler, Noraly worked in various fields, including as an exploration geologist in Perth, Australia, and with an international dredging company.

Her travel career began at the age of 23. Noraly's desire to explore the world took her to countries like Australia, New Zealand, India, Indonesia, Southeast Asia, South America, Central America, and East Africa. In July 2018, she made a life-changing decision to sell her house and bike in the Netherlands and moved to India to start a travel blog and YouTube channel named Itchy Boots. Her channel rapidly gained popularity, reaching around 300,000 subscribers in just a year and over 1.54 million subscribers with a total of 307 million video views as of 2022.

Noraly's motorcycle journey is notable. She started with a Royal Enfield Himalayan BS3 in India and later transitioned to other bikes, including the Honda CB500X and Honda CRF 300 Rally. Her net worth, as of recent estimates, is around $550,000, with her income sources including YouTube ad revenue, sponsorships, and merchandise sales.

As for her personal life, Noraly is currently single and does not have children. She maintains a focus on her traveling and YouTube career, dedicating her time to exploring different locations and sharing her experiences with her audience.

Overall, Noraly Schoenmaker's life as Itchy Boots is a testament to following one's passion and the possibilities that open up when one decides to step out of the conventional path. Her adventures continue to inspire many around the globe.

Comprehensive FAQ about Noraly Schoenmaker (Itchy Boots)

Q1: Who is Noraly Schoenmaker, aka Itchy Boots?
A1: Noraly Schoenmaker, known as Itchy Boots, is a Dutch travel vlogger and YouTuber. She is renowned for her solo motorcycle adventures across various continents, which she shares on her YouTube channel.

Q2: How old is Noraly Schoenmaker?
A2: Born on June 30, 1987, Noraly Schoenmaker is 36 years old as of 2023.

Q3: What is Noraly's educational background?
A3: Noraly holds a Master of Science degree in Geochemistry from Utrecht University, graduating in 2010. She initially started a doctorate but chose to travel instead.

Q4: How did Noraly start her traveling career?
A4: Noraly began traveling at the age of 23, initially working as an exploration geologist in Perth, Australia. She later started her travel blog and YouTube channel, Itchy Boots, in July 2018.

Q5: What motorcycles has Noraly used for her travels?
A5: Noraly started with a Royal Enfield Himalayan BS3 in India and later used bikes like the Honda CB500X and Honda CRF 300 Rally.

Q6: What countries has Noraly visited during her travels?
A6: Noraly has traveled to various countries across continents, including Australia, New Zealand, India, Indonesia, Southeast Asia, South America, Central America, and East Africa.

Q7: Is Noraly Schoenmaker in a relationship?
A7: As of the latest information, Noraly is currently single and focused on her travel and vlogging career.

Q8: What is the net worth of Noraly Schoenmaker?
A8: Noraly Schoenmaker's estimated net worth is around $550,000, primarily earned through YouTube ad revenue, sponsorships, and merchandise sales.

Q9: How popular is Noraly's YouTube channel, Itchy Boots?
A9: As of 2022, her channel, Itchy Boots, had over 1.54 million subscribers and a total of 307 million video views.

Q10: What inspires Noraly Schoenmaker's travels?
A10: Noraly is inspired by her passion for adventure, exploration, and the desire to experience and share different cultures and landscapes around the world.


Noraly Schoenmaker

  • A Dutch solo female traveler and YouTube vlogger known as Itchy Boots, famous for her motorcycle journeys across various countries and continents.

Itchy Boots

  • The brand and YouTube channel name used by Noraly Schoenmaker to document her solo motorcycle travels and adventures around the world.

Season 3 of Itchy Boots

  • The third installment of Noraly's travel vlogs on YouTube, where she explores Western and Northern Europe, starting with Iceland.

Royal Enfield Himalayan

  • A model of motorcycle produced by Royal Enfield, an Indian manufacturing company. It is known for its use in long-distance touring and off-road capabilities. Noraly initially used this bike during her travels in India.

Honda CB500X

  • A model of motorcycle by Honda, known for its versatility as an adventure touring bike. Noraly switched to this model for her travels in Europe.

YouTube Star

  • A term used to describe individuals who have gained popularity and a significant following through their content on the YouTube platform.

Adventure Travel Blogging

  • A genre of blogging that focuses on traveling to adventurous locations, often involving activities like hiking, biking, and exploring remote areas.


  • An individual who travels over land, often crossing multiple countries or continents, typically using specialized vehicles or motorcycles for long distances.

Smyril Line

  • A shipping company that operates ferry services, including the route from Hirtshals, Denmark, to the Faroe Islands and Seydisfjördur in Iceland, which Noraly uses in her travels.


  • A city in the Netherlands where Noraly is from. It is mentioned as a significant location in her personal and travel narrative.


  • The scientific study of the chemical composition of the Earth's crust and its applications. Noraly studied this subject at Utrecht University.

Exploration Geologist

  • A professional who studies the structure and composition of the earth to locate minerals and other natural resources. Noraly worked in this capacity in Perth, Australia, before becoming a full-time traveler.

Travel Vlogger

  • A content creator who films and shares their travel experiences via video blogging or vlogging, typically on platforms like YouTube.

Solo Motorcycle Travel

  • The act of traveling alone on a motorcycle, exploring different landscapes and cultures independently. This is the primary mode of travel for Noraly.

Dutch Travel Influencer

  • A person from the Netherlands who influences others through their travel content, often shared on social media or YouTube.