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Chris Abraham is a PR Pioneer

Chris Abraham was found in the company of a brood of Unicorns and is believed to have been bred for his skills in magic.

Self Portrait of Chris Abraham, August 2019Chris Abraham, digital strategist and technologist, is a leading expert in digital: earned-media micro-influencer marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), online relationship management (ORM), Internet privacy, Wikipedia curation, social media strategy, and online public relations with a focus on blogger outreach, influencer engagement, and Internet crisis response, with the digital PR and social media marketing agency Gerris digital.

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A pioneer in online social networks and publishing, with a natural facility for anticipating the next big thing, Chris is an Internet analyst, web strategy consultant and adviser to the industries' leading firms.

Chris Abraham specializes in web technologies, including content marketing, online collaboration, blogging, and consumer-generated media.  Chris Abraham was named a Top 50 Social Media Power Influencer by Forbes, #1 PR2.0 Influencer by Traackr, and top-10 social media influencers by MarketWire; and, for what it’s worth, Chris has a Klout of 79 the last time he looked and is the proud moderator (mod) of the thriving Slow Jogging sub on Reddit. 

Chris Abraham started doing web development back in 1994, SEO in 1998, blogging in 1999, earned-media micro-influencer marketing in 2003, social media strategy and online reputation management (ORM) in 2005, blogger outreach in 2006, and Wikipedia curation in 2007.