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Case Studies

Skinny & Co. Case Study
Over the course of three months, Gerris contacted thousands of bloggers resulting in 500 posts, YouTube videos, and social media mentions from influencers across the board. This helped increase Skinny's audience reach and generate lots of new customers.
Mizuno Mezamashii Run Project Case Study
Mizuno saw immediate growth in strong specialty store sales and quickly achieved a three-year share high.
Alzheimer’s Association “Generation Alzheimer’s” Case Study
The purpose of the blogger outreach was to earn bloggers’ support and encourage them to act as amplifiers and informants on behalf of the Alzheimer’s Association.
Stever Robbin's Get-it-Done Guy’s 9 Steps to Work Less and Do More Book Case Study
Our campaign connected with over 3600 bloggers in three different waves of messaging. We developed relationships with all who responded and concierged them towards posting articles and reviews.
Brandsclub Case Study
Drastically increased brand awareness via online mentions and strengthened presence in social media.
Firebrand Monday Case Study
Firebrand Monday was a great success with our team securing approximately 100 blog posts.
Fresh Air Fund Case Study
Over the course of a year, we helped drive the number of online mentions about Fresh Air Fund from 4,000 to 65,000 mentions. Our social media efforts garnered approximately 11 million impressions. Their Facebook profile grew from 400 to over 3,050 and their Twitter handle grew from 229 to over 8,000 followers.
International Medical Corps (IMC) Case Study
Within two weeks the team had achieved close to a 10% response rate to the outreach emails, leading to over 170 blog posts with more trickling in daily. Multiple millions of impressions were made, and given the permanent nature of blog posts and the resultant presence on the search engines, impressions will continue to be made into the future.
Financial Services Reputation Defense Case Study
Usually, reputation defense is about cleaning negative search results off of Google and Bing; however, in the case of a recent international financial services firm we did work for, we were effectively able to prevent any negative mentions to even take root.
Pew 2007 Energy Bill for the National Environmental Trust (NET) Case Study
In the end, we reached an estimated 250,000 online influencers and mobilized countless formerly passive activists all across the political spectrum. Support for the higher CAFE standards rose online and offline, and the political pressure mounted tremendously. The White House backed away from their veto threat, and the Democrats recognized the higher CAFE standards as non-sacrificable. On December 19th, 2007, the Energy Bill passed, complete with the higher CAFE standards.
I Will Not Be Broken Book Promotion for Survivor Corps Case Study
The campaign met with huge amounts of positive response with many, many blogs and book reviews being written and posted. Changing a brand is never an easy thing and is not done overnight, for this reason, we were very excited to retain Survivor Corps over a longer term contract enabling us to continue building up a presence in the social media space.
Fotolia Case Study
Our blogger outreach garnered over 7 million impressions for Fotolia. The social media news release created for the Fotolia campaign is now a permanent part of the online landscape when searching for information on Fotolia.
Goethe-Institut Washington Case Study
Executed a social media campaign that provided Facebook and Twitter launch and build-up for the client, then on-site social media training and hand-off to client’s in-house staff. Also executed blogger outreach promotional campaign on client’s behalf during the same time period.
Habitat for Humanity International World Habitat Day Case Study
Drastically increased the amount of online coverage for the event over 635% from the previous year – 31 articles to 228 articles.
Halyard Health Kimberly-Clark Health Care “Not on My Watch” Case Study
To date, “Not on My Watch” has earned 261 earned media mentions as a direct result of our outreaches, resulting in an estimated 8 million impressions. Traffic to the “Not on My Watch” site increased dramatically, more than doubling from the number of visits received in the comparable timeframe before our campaign.
OLX Case Study
All of these impressions were achieved at a fraction of the cost that a similarly effective paid-ad campaign would have cost them.
Snapple Antioxidant Water Case Study
Our efforts garnered close to 80 blog posts across multiple demographics and helped create lively conversations in the blogosphere comparing the Snapple product with other leading brands.
Snuggle Crème Premium Fabric Softener Case Study
The campaign was so successful that Snuggle had to double the number of coupons they had originally allotted for the campaign.
Unity Production Foundation called “My Fellow American” Case Study
When we began working with UPF to promote the “My Fellow American” video in July, the video had just launched and had only a few hundred views. In just two months, the posts secured by our efforts garnered over 59 Million impressions. These impressions resulted in thousands of people sharing and commenting on the video. US Olympic Committee 2010 Winter Vancouver Games Case Study
Garnered 298 earned media mentions, resulting in an estimated minimum of 5 million impressions. Registrations on the site significantly exceeded USOC’s targets, giving them a substantial new pool to approach with direct outreach in the future.
The Daily iPad News from News Corporation Case Study
This monitoring and responding on behalf of The Daily helped to quickly address negative feedback and ensure a positive and successful launch. Through constant attention to customer needs, coupled with blogger outreach, the efforts to raise awareness resulted in positive press and raving customer reviews.

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