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What's Another Word for Bingo?

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Thanks to Miss Nicole's amazing zest for life (joie de vivre!) and organizational skills, a group of us attended the Tuesday Drag Bingo at Club Chaos. It was like buttah!

Suffice-it-to-say, the experience was of a mature nature. We all sat there with our drinks and our bingo cards. Garishly beautiful drag queens, cursing like sailors, led us through the numbers (O-69 being the favorite). None of us made bingo, but lots of us were allowed to fail gently as contestants of Drag Trivia.

Steve was the butt of most of the teasing by the Queens. They were poking and prodding at him. Luckily, Jay was able to stay out of harm's way. I knew I would be getting some heat. so the moment Joel made it to the club, I moved the chairs to sit near him.

Top-drawer entertainment, though. In the same way that all the French have the same handwriting and the same penmanship, all the Drag Queens I have ever seen anywhere all have the same vibe: the same look, the same attire, and the same over-the-top cattiness. Is there a SOP book? I little Draq Queen Reader? A style guide?

The world has come full-circle in Washington, DC. It used to be that Drag Queens tried like the dickens to emulate, spoof, and honor women; then women lost themselves and their feminine -- especially in DC; now, women are starting to return to the Glam, the best example of which is the Drag Queen.

You tell me: Does not Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) look like a drag queen sometimes? Not the bodacious ta ta kind of Drag Queens like last night's, but a skinny one with expensive shoes?

So, Drag Queens held the torch (ahem) for all that is brassy, tight-fitting, spangly, and fabulous, when awful and ugly DC women where stuffing themselves like sausages into pantyhose, into undersized pumps, wrapping themselves in pallid power suits, doing something funny with their frocks that made them frilly and unflattering, helmet-head Midwestern hair. Good Lord, ten-years-ago only a mother could love the women who lived in DC! 

And so all us men spent all of our money on train fare to New York City.

The Drag Queens kept all that is hyper-femme and fabulous in their wombs; as a cow might carry the fetus of a gazelle in its womb through gestation and then back into the day. The Drag Queens (we are too far away from Las Vegas to see women dress like that in the 90s) were the keeper of the flame; the surrogate mother; the protector of the Ark!

Thank you to all the Drag Queens, expecially the ladies from Chaos. I think we might be doing this again. Its on every Tuesday night, starting at 8:30pm to seat and 9pm for the beginning of Bingo.

Sep 25, 2002 08:45 AM