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11 Miles-a-Day on the River

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I have been so distant from the site for a while because I have been obsessed with rowing a rented Single around 11-miles up and down the Potomac river.

11 Miles-a-Day on the River

Thompson's Boat Center

I rent the single from Thompson's Boat Center right down Virginia Avenue, NW, in DC. I have been involved in many sports -- and as my mom will tell you many musical instruments -- and none have really pinned me down and licked my face like sculling down on the river. 

The boats I use are really training boats: Maas Aeros. I have a lot to look forward to because the next step is being "licensed" for the racing shells. Trouble is, Thompson's stopping hiring singles out in the third week of October. 

What in the heck am I going to do then? Maybe Mark and I will be able to imagine a gorgeous used Van Dusen or Vespoli heavyweight shell into existance; maybe we can also find a way to find space in a boat house as well. 

Washington, DC, is the kind of city wherein one may row until the river freezes over. So, its inevitable. In college, we rowed until the last possible moment; only when the river became solid did we resort to a kind of Hell called Winter Workout. 

If Mark and I callaborate on a single, we can probably do the same. Oh, the humanity. Oh the bliss. Oh, my aching muscles! Oh, but what muscles, though!

Sep 25, 2002 04:15 PM