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Still not dead last and I gained a wee bit in both pace and time

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How to become a better runner? Run, Chris run!

Still not dead last and I gained a wee bit in both pace and time

Chris Abraham at the finish

Last night I ran the second of five Friday night 5k runs in what’s called the Crystal City 5k Fridays series sponsored by Pacers Running.

Long and short of it: I shaved six seconds from my time last week: 46:17 vesus 46:11. Then, in terms of rank, 488th out of 497 men, this week it’s 510th out of 518 . . . I’m still not dead last!  

I am still participating in Concept2’s World Erg Challengeuntil April 15. After it’s over, I’ll dedicate myself to doing some serious training for running.

How to become a better runner? Run, Chris run!

I ran it with my girlfriend, who tried hanging back with me out of love and support, but I sent her away to run her awesome run. Before the race, she reminded me about nerves. Nerves are for real. 

B almost psyched herself out of running. She spent the whole morning reading up on racing. I suffer from it, too, you know. I work through all those feelings of being so slow and so heavy and so almost DFL every time I post here. 

While I was running the route, some cool blue collar dudes were working while commenting on our progress, “why would anyone spend money to run?”

That’s a good question. Know why? Well, it’s a super awesome date night. Last night, B and I get together at 6, walked to the starting line together, chatting and laughing, and limbering, and being goofballs, then we ran for about 40-46-minutes, met up, and then wandered up to 23rd street.

We had drink coupons but abandoned them for some hummusdolmasspanakopita, water, andMalbec at Athena Pallas Greek Restaurantbefore heading home. It was a date night worthy of a serious gloat, right?

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