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So many quotes about good taste, bad taste, and taste you won't believe it

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I received a comment over on YouTube in response to my latest podcast, ChrisCast S2E20: Why is 'Satellites' by Rebecca Curtis featured fiction in The New Yorker?, and I wanted to respond with a list of quotes about good taste and bad taste but there were so many, it all became overwhelming. That said, I decided to post them all below, in no particular order.

So many quotes about good taste, bad taste, and taste you won't believe it

Comment by Ilovesammy17

Before you read on, you really need to visit:

All the quotes I could easily find on a quick search about taste

If your choice enters into it, then taste is involved - bad taste, good taste, uninteresting taste. Taste is the enemy of art, A-R-T.
Marcel Duchamp

I voted Republican this year; the Democrats left a bad taste in my mouth.
Monica Lewinsky

Bad taste creates many more millionaires than good taste.
Charles Bukowski

To achieve harmony in bad taste is the height of elegance.
Jean Genet

Bad taste is simply saying the truth before it should be said.
Mel Brooks

What is exhilarating in bad taste is the aristocratic pleasure of giving offense.
Charles Baudelaire

But I have bad taste with a deep fount of intellectuality.
Mel Brooks

It's too bad about 'Dark of the Sun.' It was really about Tshombe. When I read the script, I thought it was going to be a political movie, and I thought we might even have a hassle. But the director simplified it to brutality and bad taste.
Jim Brown

The line between humor and bad taste is your audience, in which some people will find everything offensive, and some people will find nothing offensive, but the truth is that most humor originates in what would be called bad taste.
Robert Mankoff

I said, God, the press and people, they just really hate me and I'm really trying. Geraldine Page said, Listen to this, Tab. If people don't like you, that's their bad taste.
Tab Hunter

There are a lot of thought leaders who don't want to see their students. We don't want to hire them. If students are allured to come to the school because of famous faculties, and if they never see them, that leaves very bad taste.
John Quelch

I remember in that red leisure suit I sort of felt like a Pizza Hut employee, and the white one was the ultimate, with the white turtleneck collar, that was the ultimate in bad taste.
Johnny Depp

In China, we had some buildings that looked like the White House or wine bottles. All they seemed to represent was bad taste.
Ma Yansong

I'll accept bad taste in a minute, as long as there's some great comedy minds and performances.
Mel Brooks

People wince when something is in bad taste. They laugh when it's funny. If it's too dirty or wrong, they won't laugh. But if it's a big, dirty, smart, funny laugh, they love it.
Michael Patrick King

With 'Rage,' it was a little bit different because this was going to be the public's first interaction with the 'Rage' IP. Early on, right after the tech demo, there was some marked concern internally how much of a bad thing it would be if the game went out and it wasn't well released and people got a bad taste off it.
John Carmack

Anyone who reads advice books about romance has one problem to begin with: bad taste in literature.
Roger Ebert

TV is tricky. You can do some stuff and people will tune out and never tune back in. It's sort of like putting a bad taste in somebody's mouth. Some people may not ever tune in again. And then there's some people that will tune in just to tune in and see what's gon' happen.
NeNe Leakes

Many people think it's in bad taste to advertise for an insane asylum... but come on down. We're going crazy.
Colin Mochrie

I still stand behind the stuff I did early on, but I was on a record label, and I didn't have a lot of creative control. Another side of that is just being young and having bad taste. There was plenty of that, too.
Solange Knowles

A lot of the other companies in the space have really left a bad taste in regulators' mouths. It's actually been a huge advantage when we come in and we take the time to sit down and get to know them, explain the business, explain what we do.
Logan Green

There is something majestic in the bad taste of Italy.
E. M. Forster

I always felt sorry for the sidekick as a kid. They never got their due and it left a very bad taste in the mouth - they are defined by a subordinate relationship to someone else. I always felt like a bit of sidekick when I was a kid and it didn't feel fair.
China Mieville

Most of the bad taste I've been accused of has been generic bad taste; it's been making fun of an idea as opposed to a person.
John Cleese

If the FBI is now in charge of bad taste, we're all doomed.
Jerry Della Femina

My parents took an interest in nothing, at home no books, no records. My mother and my father are the emblem of indifference, dryness and bad taste. My father is also terribly stingy, in life as well as in feelings: I have never seen him filling up the bathtub.
Vincent Gallo

I don't really have guilty pleasures. I like what I like, and I don't worry too much about whether it's supposed to be cool or sophisticated or show that I have good or bad taste or whatever.
Ann Leckie

I suppose that I was a kind of consultant for taste. Is it good taste? Or bad taste? I had an attention to detail, to what would tell best the story. Because many people get excited about the work and drift off from the story.
John Hench

I am capable of bad taste - deliberately.
Tony Harrison

You have to approach something with indifference, as if you had no aesthetic emotion. The choice of readymades is always based on visual indifference and, at the same time, on the total absence of good or bad taste.
Marcel Duchamp

It's bad taste to be wise all the time, like being at a perpetual funeral.
D. H. Lawrence

In my estimation, the only thing that is more to be guarded against than bad taste is good taste.
Russell Lynes

The kind of people who always go on about whether a thing is in good taste invariably have very bad taste.
Joe Orton

I don't think I've got bad taste. I've got no taste.
Graham Norton

There is a lot of stuff now that is in bad taste, and I don't see the necessity for it all. We didn't have to do it in our time, and they don't have to do it now.
Clint Walker

I don't want to do anything in bad taste.
Mark Roberts

Strikes always leave a bad taste with everyone.
Sarah Sutton

I am very interested in what has been called bad taste. I believe the fear of displaying a soi-disant bad taste stops us from venturing into special cultural zones.
Manuel Puig

I am only interested in bad taste if I can enjoy a gruesome tango or watch a movie that makes me cry.
Manuel Puig

A good interpreter can take a piece of bad music and make it sound pretty decent, while a bad interpreter can take good music and make it sound cheap. I can tell that some people have a bad taste, and unlike on the piano, they smear around a lot, that is bad taste.
Ruggiero Ricci

It's not about doing over the living room of someone who has bad taste in color. This is about restoring historic buildings and instilling pride in a community, which can be done through designing new public spaces and social gathering spots.
Genevieve Gorder

For someone in my position, there's opportunities to be anything you want to be, even if you shouldn't be eligible, and I think that's left a bad taste in a lots of financers' and studios' mouths. Just cause someone's popular at one thing, letting them do the other isn't always the right thing.
Fred Durst

I guess you could say I have bad taste in men. But I no longer feel the need to be someone's wife.
Halle Berry

The thing is I'm very interested in bad taste, as anyone who's ever seen me perform or had dinner with me would know.
Tom Baker

I have a soft spot for art that, in terms of subject matter and material, is in bad taste.
Jerry Saltz

Bad taste is not illegal. I always got my first laughs as a kid by saying inappropriate things. That's always how we're going to get our laughs as comics.
Jeff Ross

In the heyday of the Oscars, there were electric sparks flying. When Cher went in her fabulous Bob Mackie dress and her Mohawk, and Bjoerk with her swan dress. Then we thought it was bad taste; now I think it should have been the best dress because she stood out.
Andre Leon Talley

I got out of the music industry many years ago. I had a charlatan for a producer who I wanted nothing to do with. He's dead now, so I guess I can't beat that horse any more. It left a very bad taste in my mouth, so I just went on about my business doing what I do and not involving myself with record companies, except for distribution.
Leon Redbone

I don't have bad taste; I have no taste. I wear a lot of the things I wore in high school, but not the cowl-neck sweaters. I was never tall, and I am the same size, so I still wear a lot of those clothes.
Kara Swisher

'Bad Taste' was - it was, in many respects, my sort of, my, I guess, my single-minded desire to want to break into the film industry when New Zealand didn't really have a film industry to break into.
Peter Jackson

Bipartisanship is really tough to achieve when everyone on both sides is left with a bad, bad taste in their mouths.
Campbell Brown

I have a lot of friends with bad taste in music - some might say that I have bad taste in music.
Jonathan Levine

In college, they taught us to think of a bad smell or simulate a bad taste to start crying. I just think of my ex-boyfriend!
Shenaz Treasury

I match up with the best guys in the world. I'm not being cocky; it's just always how I felt. But I got into trouble as soon as I got into the NBA, and it left a bad taste in a lot of people's mouths.
Michael Beasley

Sometimes you are the only living, walking, breathing version of the Bible that people will ever see. What long-lasting taste are you going to leave in their mouths? A lot of people have left a bad taste. And it's so unfortunate, because God is the best!
Yvonne Orji

We had experienced so much as kids, and I kind of feel like we learned a lot about the industry that put a little bit of a bad taste in our mouth, whether it was a couple of people we worked with or whether it was just trying to find the right inspiration or what have you.
AJ Michalka

That 'Super Mario' movie from the 1990s... left a really bad taste in the mouth of our developers.
Reggie Fils-Aime

The Hatton fight left a bad taste in my mouth.
Paulie Malignaggi

There are a lot of veterans out there who would not think their wounds would be the source of poor jokes in bad taste to a hysterically laughing audience.
Dan Crenshaw

I like work that pushes the barrier of bad taste.
Sharon Needles

The four characteristics of humanism are curiosity, a free mind, belief in good taste, and belief in the human race.
E. M. Forster

Italian style is a natural attitude. It is about a life of good taste. It doesn't have to be expensive. Simple but with good taste. Luxury is possible to buy. Good taste is not.
Diego Della Valle

If your choice enters into it, then taste is involved - bad taste, good taste, uninteresting taste. Taste is the enemy of art, A-R-T.
Marcel Duchamp

I find that Americans completely lack sensibility and good taste. They are boring, and they all have faces like unbaked rolls.
Frida Kahlo

There is a fine line between censorship and good taste and moral responsibility.
Steven Spielberg

Good taste is the modesty of the mind; that is why it cannot be either imitated or acquired.
Delphine de Girardin

Good taste is as tiring as good company.
Francis Picabia

Bad taste creates many more millionaires than good taste.
Charles Bukowski

You can't legislate good taste.
George Clooney

Beauty is produced by the pleasing appearance and good taste of the whole, and by the dimensions of all the parts being duly proportioned to each other.

Elegance is usually confused with superficiality, fashion, lack of depth. This is a serious mistake: human beings need to have elegance in their actions and in their posture because this word is synonymous with good taste, amiability, equilibrium and harmony.
Paulo Coelho

Genuine good taste consists in saying much in few words, in choosing among our thoughts, in having order and arrangement in what we say, and in speaking with composure.
Francois Fenelon

Good taste doesn't exist. It is our taste. We have to be proud of it. - Franco Moschino
Good taste doesn't exist. It is our taste. We have to be proud of it.
Franco Moschino

Knowing what you can not do is more important than knowing what you can do. In fact, that's good taste.
A. C. Benson

Japan is the only country I have visited that I want to go to again. I just feel the Japanese have such good taste and dedication to craftsmanship in everything they do. They also merge the traditional and modern aspects of their culture so well.
Ronny Chieng

The orchid's association in Chinese culture with such virtues as elegance, good taste, friendship, and fertility goes all the way back to Confucius himself, who was said to have a particular attachment to the flowers.
Lawrence Osborne

Sometimes it's more important to be human, than to have good taste.
Bertolt Brecht

I think good taste is completely subjective. If you enjoy something, that's great! Enjoy it, and don't let anyone tell you not to.
Connor Franta

Pearls, including cheap ones, are always in good taste.
Elsa Schiaparelli

I'll let the people decide what they think is good taste.

I've liked all the directors I've worked with a lot. And the ones I like best are the ones that have really good taste about what take was best.
Ellen Burstyn

Good taste is the worst vice ever invented.
Edith Sitwell

Good taste is the first refuge of the non-creative. It is the last-ditch stand of the artist.
Marshall McLuhan

To achieve the very pinnacle of good taste, the neoclassicists wrote their plays entirely in alexandrine verse, a rarefied meter that is uniquely tailored to the French language and fits no other.
Florence King

As much as any other producer in the modern movie age, Harvey Weinstein has been a subject of media fascination. The grossness, the bullying, the unbridled exercising of personal power, the craven appetites, the awards and his good taste in films fed that fascination.
Michael Wolff

It is good taste, and good taste alone, that possesses the power to sterilize and is always the first handicap to any creative functioning.
Salvador Dali

That's why you can't be a true Yankee without winter: because all the best pleasures are earned - the fire, the fried oysters; the warmer seasons, too. Who knows the real worth of summer at the beach without a good taste of the seaside in winter?
Julia Glass

If Marilyn is in love with my husband it proves she has good taste, for I am in love with him too.
Simone Signoret

My family brainwashed me, like I'm brainwashing my children. They brainwashed me with good taste.

I believe in the producers at Constantin, and I know that they have a really good taste level when it comes to the creative side.
Lily Collins

I'm big on what's in good taste.
Frank Ocean

Caesar was a man of great common sense and good taste, meaning thereby a man without originality or moral courage.
George Bernard Shaw

The male gay community seems to be very into female singers. I think it could be the songs we sing. They're more open with their feelings. And they have good taste!
Liza Minnelli

I understand that some fans want to express their feelings with signs, and they should do so, as long as they stay within the boundaries of good taste and don't block the view of other fans.
Daniel Snyder

If you get an opportunity to work with David Simon, anybody with good taste would.
Anthony Bourdain

Fashion is here to help make people look very important. If they have good taste and choose what suits them, I give them options on how they can do that. It's always sexy, and it's always with the same result: making women look fantastic.
Vivienne Westwood

'The Dublin Magazine' has been edited with good taste, and it is very agreeable reading, but to speak quite candidly, I do not believe in the future of any literary journal any more than I believe in the future of the Trinity.
George A. Moore

Those Dutchmen had hardly any imagination or fantasy, but their good taste and their scientific knowledge of composition were enormous.
Vincent Van Gogh

Menswear is about subtlety. It's about good style and good taste.
Alexander McQueen

There was no relationship between a wedding dress and fashion. There was no good taste, either. I realized that I could make an impression in terms of changing and readdressing the whole industry of bridal.
Vera Wang

The sweet quality is set opposite to the bitter, and is a gracious, amiable, blessed and pleasant quality, a refreshing of the life, an allaying of the fierceness. It maketh all pleasant and friendly in every creature; it maketh the vegetables of the earth fragrant and of good taste, affording fair, yellow, white and ruddy colours.
Jakob Bohme

What's the big deal in doing a topless shoot provided it's done in good taste? Our temples too have topless figures carved on them.
Kashmira Shah

Good taste - that's all you really need when you're playing an instrument.
Kristin Hersh

Shock always sells. You know? But you could shock in good taste.
Grace Jones

People pull away from something if it's not of good taste. People lean into something if it's okay.
Michael Patrick King

It is nice to know that even David Beckham doesn't have good taste in everything.
Zlatan Ibrahimovic

I'm still obsessed with Kiss. I'm still obsessed with Van Halen. I guess we don't change that much from being kids. Either we don't change that much, or we just have really good taste.
John 5

I'd asked for things like the 'Footloose' soundtrack and Michael Jackson's 'Thriller' for my birthdays, but I remember walking what felt like miles to this cassette shop called The Warehouse to buy Paul Simon's 'Graceland,' U2's 'Joshua Tree' and a Roberta Flack album. I had pretty good taste.
Pedro Pascal

Good taste is death; vulgarity is life.
Mary Quant

People call things 'vulgar' when they are new to them. When they have become old, they become 'good taste.'
Mary Quant

My mum and my dad have really good taste in movies. My gran would tape them off the TV and write notes about them, rating them.
Domhnall Gleeson

My mom is a painter and an artist. She would play music, and she always had very good taste in music, fashion, and art. She was also a young single mom, so I think she had really good style; she was really free... just really inspiring in her own way and allowed me to find the direction I wanted to take in my life.
Ruby Rose

I suppose that I was a kind of consultant for taste. Is it good taste? Or bad taste? I had an attention to detail, to what would tell best the story. Because many people get excited about the work and drift off from the story.
John Hench

I write for young people because I like them and because I think they are important. Children's books can be mind-stretchers and imagination-ticklers and builders of good taste in a way that adult books cannot, because young people usually come to books with more open minds. It's exciting to be able to contribute to that in a small way.
Nancy Garden

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are two peas in the same pod, and the American people have tasted that, and said, 'Look, that's not a good taste.'
Mitt Romney

The image people have of comedians staring defiantly over a stationary line of good taste is simply inaccurate. We don't approach this line, put our toes over it arrogantly and then scamper back to safety. The line doesn't exist.
Jim Norton

I think the greatest gift your parents can give you if you want to be a comedian is good taste.
Seth Meyers

We are breaking new ground in the territory of dumb with 'Shooting Fish.' Dumb, but in good taste. Silly, but not ridiculous.
Dan Futterman

Over the years, the idea seems to have grown up that brightly coloured flowers are vulgar, and that the only flowers to be admitted to the walled garden of good taste are discreet and pastel-hued.
Craig Brown

I don't have a Madonna-sized fan base, so I can actually e-mail and talk to everyone that e-mails me because I am totally appreciative, and I like my fans! They seem to have the same interests as me. They are kind of nerdy and cool - and have good taste, obviously.
Jill Sobule

Here's some background

Comments from Ilovesammy17 on YouTube about 'Satellites' by Rebecca Curtis New Yorker featured fiction

Here's the comment by Ilovesammy17 in response to ChrisCast S2E20: Why is 'Satellites' by Rebecca Curtis featured fiction in The New Yorker? that I posted onto my YouTube channel that inspired me to post this:

dude...this isn't it. Mocking someone's work by reading out lines from their story like this is cruel. I liked the story a lot and only came across this video by googling it bc I wanted to find out more. All subjective I guess

My cheeky response was thus:

It's not not cruel. But, it is less cruel than the badness of the story, which wouldn't bother me except for the fact that it's in The New Yorker. Just consider me mansplaining and dismiss my review as the ranting of an old white cisgender crotchety man who has no taste for modern literature, if that is what this is. Yes, it's all subjective, I guess.
Jul 19, 2021 11:10 AM