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Chris Abraham's Social Media Marketing (SMM) Skills

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I have been a professional marketer to online communities since way before Facebook and Twitter existed.

I marketed to Message Boards and forums from 1999 and marketed to influencers and blogs since 2002; then, helped to market to MySpace and Friendster. I have been marketing via YouTube and to YouTubers since 2005. I've been marketing on Facebook and Twitter since 2006 and have been promoting pages, profiles, and channels ever since and have been marketing on Instagram since it launched in 2010. I never quite adopted SnapChat. My forte is organic community management and engagement so I don't focus on Google, YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, or Twitter ads.  I treat all online social networks and social media to be composed of real people and social media marketing is just an extention of my influencer marketing practice: it's all people, it's all community!

Aug 11, 2019 02:53 PM