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Kuna Italian Restaurant Review

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Kuna is such a delicious dreamboat of a little Country Italian cum French Provincial restaurant run like a family joint by the charming and inspired Chef Mark Giuricich.

When you are awaiting a table, upon first entering and first impression, its all about the drill: grab a shot glass of complimentary red wine and say hello to Mark himself.

I was inspired each and every time. Last night Sarah and I had a late-night meal of Risotto cakes, a light Gorgonzola salad, a Bruchetta, and some other delicious stuff.

And wine, and delicious bread and a complimentary little tapas-inspired bowl of olives.

It really should be your favourite place!

Adams Morgan
1324 U St., NW
Washington, DC
Open for dinner Monday through Saturday. Dinner for two: $72.

Salads and antipasti include a delicious crunchy risotto pancake with fontina cheese; a tuna-potato bruschetta with capers and olives; a salad of fresh greens with chopped dates, walnuts, and the tang of good Gorgonzola; and a generous antipasto platter--big enough for two--composed of salami, cheese, olives, and pickled peppers.

The pasta selection varies from day to day: spaghetti with a hearty ragu of beef and tomatoes; orecchiette with the delicious combination of kale, sweet sausage, and cream; penne with a vodka-spiked tomato sauce.

Dessert choices are similarly uncomplicated--perhaps a light and delicious panna cotta, zuppa inglese with fruit, or just biscotti with sweet wine for dipping. It all adds up to a pleasant experience at a good price.

Jul 19, 2002 12:00 AM