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Bad Carma

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Today, I locked my keys in Mark's POSi. Last night, Wendy had her Escort towed. I think its not about a bad biorhythm, its bad Carma.

I just stopped in the lot of Sun Trust's Capitol Hill branch. Instead of putting the car in Neutral before disengaging the clutch, I disengaged. Klunk. It startled me, so upon exiting, I left the key in the ignition. The windshield wipers wiped, intermittently.

I called on a cop, but after 20-minutes, and a head full or icy rain, I walked over to the 4th & Penna filling station.

The fellow there charged me $25 and drove me over in his Toyota pickup. He placed a blood-pressure monitor cuff into the sill and pumped. I used my Concept II oar key-ring to start him out. Then he pressed in a long wire, and before long, it was open.

I took care of my banking and am only beginning to warm up.

Dec 11, 2002 10:15 AM