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I clipped my hair to 1/2 inch

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Things were well-yummy.

Last week I clipped my hair to 1/2 inch. Michelle got back on Tuesday. Things were well-yummy. Today, I woke up, was a good wife to Michelle, and then pulled at the erg for 20 minutes hard, did some stretching, some abs and then push ups. Michelle has again taken up running/jogging and she looks fabu in her little tout en noir belly-baring outfit. She loves to run and I love it when Michelle is blisstic.

Drove her to work, and then grabbed some 'Bucks Joe "venti" and screeeched off to Jack's boat house!

The boat. Walden Paddlers. Blue plastic. Gorgeous paddle out from Georgetown, tore off my shirt, and paddled hard all the way to the next boathouse up. Skin seared. Sizzle. Muscles aching. Ache. Pulled the kayak out of the river, brought it to the Canal, then had the most amazingly soothing paddle stuck between the tow path and the Canal road in the upper GT high-rent german auto strasse.

Very very good, today. Was just accepted into Bla Bla so might be a slight sourse of revenue.

Jul 12, 2000 03:50 PM