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Eight quick reviews of Netflix shows and movies I decided to review for you

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I am so sorry for the delay since the last time I sent a short review of movies and shows I've caught. Here are eight more for you to check out—and they're all from Netflix this time since it's the first history of viewing list I downloaded. Enjoy!

Eight quick reviews of Netflix shows and movies I decided to review for you

Ginny & Georgia

  1. Thunder Force: Funny and worth watching. I liked the teen girls better than the adult superheroes. I hate it when nice people make asses out of themselves for comedic value when they're funny enough not to play the fat card. I hope the writer's room wasn't like, "let's call it Thunder Thighs for the laughs" and then someone else is like, "that's a terrible idea." And the first guy is like, "how about Thunder Force, then?" Done. Melissa McCarthy as Lydia Berman and Octavia Spencer as Emily Stanton? What a waste of talent from both of them.  The entire movie should have been made with Tai Leshaun as Teen Emily and Mia Kaplan as Teen Lydia. That would have been much better. Those girls are funny and can act!
  2. The Blacklist: I hate this show. I love this show. I hate to love this show. I love to hate this show. I am obsessed with Megan Boone as Agent Elizabeth Keen and her beautiful imperfection. I am obsessed with James Spader as Red in this. And, I watch it for Hisham Tawfiq as Dembe. Everyone else is fungible, though Aram and Samar really work for it. Also, Ryan Eggold as Tom Keen is pretty keen.
  3. Country Comfort: Season 1: I loved this show. Katharine McPhee is an angel and this show tugs heartstrings in a very honest, lovely, funny, kid-friendly, and family-friendly way. I don't even know what it's about. It doesn't matter. It's country, it's sexy, it's funny, and it's filled with music and cameos. 
  4. Lupin: Part 1: Is Lupin a spy, a thief, a murderer, an assassin, a hero? It's hard to know. Lupin is directed like a Young Adult series but it's deadly and violently serious. That said, Omar Sy as Assane Diop is a goofy dreamboat, I'm in love with Ludivine Sagnier as Claire, and Etan Simon as Raoul holds his own with his own sort of swag and style all his own. Superbe!
  5. The Crew: Season 1: This is a terrible show and I hate-watched the first season. And I really love Kevin James. Might be really popular with the NASCAR kids. 
  6. The Magicians: This is how much I love The Magicians: I bought the book and read it and the audiobook and listened to it. And I am working through the second book. Lost me a little. Also, season 3 episode 5 A Life in the Day is burnt into my brain and my heart and I loved it so much. It's the one in which Quin and Eliot live an entire life together while making a magic mosaic. Amazing. It's about an elite and exclusive witch and wizardry school, but debaucherous. An actually gay and fabulous Harry Potter. 
  7. Worn Stories: Limited Series: This series is such a breath of fresh air. Very cool, intimate, and simple. I literally laughed and cried. It's about people and an outfit, a piece, or a way of dress, and it's very sweet and emotional and compelling. It's soft-core clothes porn. 
  8. Ginny & Georgia: Season 1: This series is anti-Gilmore Girls, for sure. All the sweetness and happiness is the result of unintended consequences and good luck and good hearts; however, it's a really rough ride and filled with darkness I can't reveal for reasons of spoilage. This show amazed me. Antonia Gentry as Ginny is a gorgeous chameleon, Diesel La Torraca as Austin is perfectly cast, Felix Mallard as Marcus does damaged-sexy perfectly, Brianne Howey as Georgia is this generation's Julia Roberts, just darker and more complex; Sara Waisglass as Max plays very deep water beautifully; Mason Temple as Hunter Chen? I almost dismissed him until he started to punch back after he got hurt; Katie Douglas is a riddle but I want to know more about the duct-taped legs and her trauma. I could go on but that's enough. Watch it, it's much more than meets the eye. 

I actually am doing this work so I can record my reviews on my really bad podcast, ChrisCast. I really hope you enjoyed this little, brief, review. Good luck and thanks!

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