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20:26) Chris Abraham 07-SEP-94

What is the reason for
one to sit cross-legged?

It is such a nice shape,
this leg-crossing, like
protection -- and the shape
of the calf and thigh.

A feminine shape, even on men.
"The English men often cross
their legs, though they are
not really in touch with their
feminine side," reads a book.

"You sur does pop dem babies
out, hos," a man said to a
proud pop, Catholic, exiled
from Dublin.

He lived in Jersey City, NJ.
He became nervous when black
families began to move into
the neighborhood. He plays
cards with them, but only until
he can move to the shore.

My father pole-vaulted over
the bars of a Honda motorcycle.
The front wheel stopped dead
in the side of a merging car.
Arching like olympiad then
down hard and a shattered shin.

He wore a helmet. The accident
occurred at 25mph, Kapiolani Street,
in Honolulu, Hawaii, many years
ago. A mangled leg, a large man,
a cast so enormous it needed
outriggers -- too Hawaiian to bear.

I am a chump. I can be used.
I have 'nice guy' written on
my forehead. I am not very daring.

Oh boy, can I be an asshole, though.
Remember when I was a bike courier?
Remember drinking 40's at Dupont?
Remember dropping and the world

They were girls, and I left at
6:30am, "I am late for class."

What classes start at 6:30am.

"Chris, you prefer to be used
because it is better than using,"
said Mark, the dashing red head,
"and you know you can shoulder
being done wrong, whereas you
know your cold-hearted doing
wrong does damage that most can't

"Sounds logical, but pretty stupid!
I mean, why do *I* need to be the

When I spend my chump dollar,
do I get chump change in return?

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