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20:29) Chris Abraham 12-SEP-94

"Long Day's Journey Into Night."
It is a drama of layers.
A foot disconnected. Amputation?
The loss of self. It may itch
in the late hours when you can't
sleep, someone said, but you won't
be able to scratch. My father's
leg shattered in so many places--
thank's to the crack surgeon who
was stationed in a MASH unit in

I drank 2 ponds of jello shots
at a party on Saturday night.
I always had a cup full.
I wanted my lover to get lost,
there were so many beautiful
girls, and they were speaking
to me. I cinepanned the party
with my third eye, 72mm hi-res

"It is so easy to kill someone,"
said Steve at Adams Morgan day,
"because we're all so fragile and
it only take but one accurate
application of pressure: trigger,
larynx, sternum." He had just
seen "Natural Born Killer."

"I quit my job, and worked all
summer, only two days a week.
I just walk around, all day.
I just walk around all day.
I have stopped smoking and drinking.
The gay community doesn't embrace
someone who doesn't smoke or drink.
I am a dormant alcoholic.
When the movie was over,
A Porno flick about zen at the
Biograph, it really sucked and
I walked out right away, I got
a pack or reds, and walked the
city smoking all the while. Whenever
I found a bar, I'd order an Absolut.
I went through 10 cigs. I left the
house at noon and didn't return until

All of my friends are fag-hags.
Pretty straight men with red hair.
Very dashing and lithe, it drives
my girlfriends crazy. I am a bit
of a fag-hag...

At lease *I* smoke and drink.
At least the gay community hasn't
turned up their nose at me.
Steve said," They think I am making
like I am better then them for quitting."

Oh, by the way, "I didn't smoke, drink,
or do pot," he said, "but I'll do
hallucinogens whenever I can get my hands
on it." He kissed my love on the lips
when we left his side.

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