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20:23) Chris Abraham 05-SEP-94

Commuting to Mystic, Connecticut.
Driving up in a shit-brown diesel
getting there then feeling used
drive home the next day, girl
follows in a long Amtrak car.

White-haired men remind me of
age. The reaper, under his
soiled hood, had thick white hair.

Age is death
death is the reaper
the reaper has white hair
Donohue is death

A flier reads
September 1994 is the
end of the world, as per the bible.
The horses of the apocalypse are
in Judy's dream... where are the
The Donohue show.

A man with white hair shot me,
though, only with paint --
it was red, though, and stung.

She has lived with me for 98 days
without paying rent, never offered.

I am a chump

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