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20:21) Chris Abraham 01-SEP-94

Another passenger boards the autobus.

Fearing death at point-blank range
by a man never met. Fear has set
and it rests in the sternum.
I extricate myself from you.
I extricate myself from you.
I extricate myself from you.

The tickets to San Juan are not
first-class. I will sit next to
Margaret and she will make a pass.

She will give me the name of her
hotel, the one on the package deal.

This after being dropped off at Dulles
by a woman with whom I spent my nights.

What to do, what to do?

The spine of the hardbound book, a
biography of Vonnegut has a stiff
spine that I bend upon itself.

It crackles and I sit tight and
read, moving slowly away from the
girl, from the woman on a package tour,
from the modern superstructure of the
Dulles Terminal.

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