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20:19) Chris Abraham 30-AUG-94

I drank Newcastle Brown all night

I smoke Marlboro Reds


I am a little tipsy. It is good to go to
a bar because everyone there has many regrets.

They said, "You had better take this chance
before you have kids. You had better take this
adventure by the small and hairies before they
get away from ya in the form of a mortgage."

(everything rests upon not having a mortgage,
it seems)

I muse about the trip to San Juan. I look
at my limbs, so strong. I perceive Judy's
torn limbs and want to dedicate the journey
to her.

I sat beside a man, black -- just an observation,
and we discuss so many things: "Contact" by Carl Sagan.
"Sneakers," the movie. We pondered black boxed and
how you could send surges down the telephone lines.
Of course, Bill Gates came up -- the 1990s equivalent
of the Railroad monopolies.

He worked at a temp agency. This was a brilliant man,
working for the man. 'Tis a pity really, but he seemed
quite happy, sitting there drinking Schlitz.

"In the late 70s, this was the drink. This and Black
Label," he said next to me on a stool at the bar,
"remember the scene in 'Animal House' at the Jazzy bar
during the road trip scene, when the frat boy went up
to the bartender in this Black bar and asked for three
Seagrams 7 & 7s and two Bla... Carlings?"

He laughed at how that joke wouldn't mean much now.

I sat there. My girlfriend had stopped by to say hi.
She is settling her new lease at a fab pad, now that
I am leaving. She shortly left, buzzed by the newness
of the foreign tongue present in a one-year lease.

7 November 1994. Flight from Dulles to San Juan.
Two week in Puerto Rico. Back to Dulles. A brown
14-year-old diesel Mercedes (with the right glasses
and filters, maybe a yellow color) across this great
(sic) land of ours, southern route, to Calli- for- nigh-
ay. Lose the car (maybe in Arizona -- emissions, ya
know) then off to Hawaii, then hopscotch around the Pacific.

"Nice work if ya can git it," says the typical bar patron,
almost out of a Hollywood script. "Hot enuff for ya?"

I, of course, fished for the manager who gives me the
best tab sum, and payed.
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