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Why big, tall, chubby, fluffy, heavyset, and fat athletes should wear cycling bib shorts during their spin workouts

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Don't be afraid of the very pervy-looking cycling bib. While it looks a lot like fetishwear, cycling bib shorts make these spin class godsends in 2XL.

Pearl Izumi Men's PRO Air Bib Shorts XXLDon't be afraid of the very pervy-looking cycling bib. While it looks a lot like fetishwear, cycling bib shorts make these spin class godsends in 2XL.  Personally, I did a lot of research and chose to order three pair of Pearl iZUMi Men's Escape Quest Cycling Bib Shorts from Amazon; however, American-made Aero Tech Designs Big Men's Top Shelf Padded Cycling Bib Shorts go up to 5XL.

While they look bizarre, embarrassing, and grotesque on their own if you're not a lithe cyclist, the built-in shoulder straps keep the bike shorts up no matter what. No plumber's crack. No mid-ride or mid-spin class wardrobe malfunction. 

In addition to that, the quasi-singlet nature of bib cycling shorts also prevents any belly or oblique exposure if and when I need to reach up or bend over or anything of that type. Unlike the JL Racing unisuit, which really does keep your stomach in control when your running or jogging--sort of like a belly bra, a pair of bib cycling shorts just cover, they don't control. The bib part of the shorts scoop way down to the navel and the material of the bibs and surrounding material above the lycra shorts is actual mesh. While very breathable and light, it's really got a spanky-spanky fetish club vibe.

Of course, the real advantage of cycling shorts is the padding. It's all about the padding and padding has come a long way since the basic chamois existed back in the 80s and 90s. I have a lovely Brooks B17 leather saddle so for the last ten years I haven't needed to wear padded bike shorts with an integrated chamois; however, the moment I received my spin class retired Keiser M3 stationary bike with its rock hard seat, I knew that I needed some relief until my bum got used to hard, narrow,  foam, rubber, and vinyl bike seats. 

I wear my cycling bib shorts under a pair of Champion Men's Jersey Short With Pockets and a black t-shirt; however, once the lights go down in the studio, I drop the shorts and just ride in the cycling bib shorts and my t-shirt.

I had worn the shorts underneath until I realized I was spending half my time pulling up my shorts and getting them snagged up on the saddle. So, I am over most of my embarrassment. My body shyness. Once the class is over and after I stretch, I slip back on the shorts and I am good to go. 

Being a bachelor, I don't always keep up with the laundry so I have also taken to wearing a pair of 2XL or 3XL REEHUT Men's 3D Padded Bicycle Cycling Underwear Shorts that I found by just searching around on Amazon that I started to wear under my JL Racing Unisuits that I recommend people wear while running-while-fat and rowing-while-fat.

Turns out, if you put a pair of padded cycling underwear underneath your rowing singlet. Of course, it's always nice to be able to ride your bike on the street in streetwear--jeans, boots, and a t-shirt--with some extra padding underneath. Just note that these particular underwear don't have a Y-front opening.

In conclusion, coverage is good, padding is good, and modesty is good. What's also good is that you can find something that was initially designed for an anorexic cyclist in Big & Tall sizes. Don't care about what it looks like on the model, consider it athletic lingerie: only you need to know you have such sexy kit on, you tiger!

Update on the Pearl Izumi Men's PRO Air Bib Shorts XXL

Embracing the Fit: Cycling Bibs for All Sizes

The question of whether cycling bibs accommodate larger sizes is one that resonates deeply within the cycling and athletic communities. The answer is a resounding yes, with many brands, including Pearl iZUMi, recognizing the diverse needs of cyclists and manufacturing bibs that fit comfortably up to sizes 2XL and 3XL. These sizes cater not just to the needs of athletes seeking larger options but also to the principle that cycling apparel should be inclusive and accessible to everyone.

Seamless Integration into Daily Wear

For plus-sized athletes, the functionality of cycling bibs extends beyond the saddle of their bikes or spin classes. The beauty of a well-fitted cycling bib, such as the Pearl iZUMi Fat Big Size Men 2XL 3XL or the XXL Men's PRO Air Bib Shorts, lies in their versatility. These bibs can be effortlessly worn over a rowing singlet onesie, a rowing unisuit, or even standard underwear for those at-home sessions on a Kaiser 3M bike. The real magic, however, unfolds when these bibs slip invisibly under a pair of jeans and a T-shirt. This stealthy approach to wearing cycling bibs under everyday clothes means benefiting from their sweat-wicking properties and added comfort without attracting undue attention. It's about feeling prepared and comfortable, ready for a ride at a moment's notice, or simply enjoying the day's activities with that extra layer of support and moisture management.

Beyond the Look: A Focus on Utility and Comfort

The traditional image of a cyclist often conjures up visions of lycra-clad figures, geared up for intense road racing. However, this stereotype doesn't hold true for the vast majority of cyclists, many of whom use their bikes for leisure, commuting, or staying fit. The emphasis, therefore, shifts from appearance to the practical benefits of cycling wear. Plus-sized cycling bibs break down the barriers, allowing wearers to enjoy their benefits without subscribing to the typical "weekend warrior" aesthetic. It's about embracing the utility and comfort that these garments offer, recognizing that cycling is a universal activity, not confined to those who fit a specific athletic mold.

In Conclusion: A Celebration of Inclusivity and Comfort

Cycling bibs, especially those designed to fit larger sizes, are more than just pieces of athletic wear. They are a testament to the evolving landscape of sports apparel, one that acknowledges and caters to the diverse body types that make up the cycling community. Wearing Pearl iZUMi's larger-sized bibs under everyday clothes serves as a discreet yet powerful statement: that comfort, utility, and the joy of cycling shouldn't be limited by size. This approach not only champions the inclusivity within the cycling world but also highlights the practicality of cycling bibs as an essential component of the plus-sized athlete's wardrobe, seamlessly integrating into both their athletic pursuits and daily life.

FAQ: Cycling Bibs for Big, Tall, and Heavyset Athletes

1. Can fat people wear cycling bibs?

Yes, cycling bibs are designed to accommodate athletes of all sizes, including those who are big, tall, chubby, fluffy, heavyset, and fat. Brands like Pearl iZUMi and Aero Tech Designs offer sizes up to 5XL, ensuring a comfortable fit for larger body sizes.

2. Why should larger athletes choose cycling bibs over regular shorts?

Cycling bibs provide several advantages, including built-in shoulder straps that prevent the shorts from sliding down, coverage that avoids any belly or oblique exposure, and padding for added comfort during rides. They are especially suitable for spin classes, cycling, and even under regular clothing for everyday comfort.

3. Can I wear cycling bibs under normal clothes?

Absolutely. Cycling bibs like the Pearl iZUMi Men's PRO Air Bib Shorts can be discreetly worn under jeans and a T-shirt, providing sweat-wicking benefits and added comfort without being noticeable.

4. How do I choose the right size cycling bib?

It's essential to refer to the sizing chart provided by the manufacturer. Consider your waist, hip, and thigh measurements for a snug yet comfortable fit. Remember, cycling bibs should fit closely to your body to maximize their benefits.

5. Are cycling bibs comfortable for long periods of sitting, such as on a stationary bike?

Yes, the primary function of cycling bibs is to provide comfort during long rides, including on stationary bikes. The padding helps alleviate pressure and prevent discomfort, making them ideal for extended cycling sessions.

Glossary: Key Cycling and Apparel Terms

  1. Cycling Bibs: A type of cycling shorts that come with built-in suspenders intended to provide a more seamless and comfortable fit than traditional cycling shorts.

  2. Chamois: A pad located in the crotch area of cycling shorts or bibs, designed to reduce friction and provide cushioning for added comfort during rides.

  3. Jersey: A close-fitting, lightweight, and often zippered shirt specifically designed for cycling. It typically features pockets for storage and moisture-wicking materials.

  4. Spin Class: A high-intensity cycling workout on stationary bikes, usually led by an instructor in a class setting.

  5. 5XL: A clothing size that caters to larger body dimensions, beyond standard XL (Extra Large) sizes. It's part of the extended "Big & Tall" sizing category.

  6. Unisuit: A one-piece garment typically used in rowing, offering a streamlined fit that reduces drag and is suitable for various athletic activities.

  7. Saddle: The seat of a bicycle. Comfort and fit are crucial for long rides, with various designs catering to different types of cycling.

  8. Padding: Cushioning incorporated into cycling shorts and bibs, designed to improve comfort and reduce pressure points.

  9. Mesh: A material used in clothing for its breathable properties, often found in areas of cycling apparel that require extra ventilation.

  10. Big & Tall: A category of clothing specifically designed to fit larger and taller body sizes, offering extended sizing options for inclusive fit.