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SweatNow makes trainers celebrities and students communities

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SweatNow, a free app for iOS and Android, allows all of us who only go to classes, studios, and gyms for specific trainers, coaches, teachers, yoginis, and instructors, to follow them wherever they go whenever they go there.
SweatNow makes trainers celebrities and students communities

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SweatNow, a free app for iOS and Android, allows all of us who only go to classes, studios, and gyms for specific trainers, coaches, teachers, yoginis, and instructors, to follow them wherever they go whenever they go there. They can change studios, gyms, or even towns and cities, and you'll know where they are. If they plan a pop-up workout, you'll know; if they need to cancel a class, you'll know about the understudy before you waste all that time leaving work early, suffering traffic, and fighting for your favorite spot in class. You'll know. Follow your faves, join their classes, keep up-to-date with what's going on with them.

Currently, SweatNow's epicenter is Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, but it's growing fast. If you're an instructor, it's the perfect time time to jump on board at the ground floor. Become the first trainer, yogi, coach, or instructor in your village, town, or city on SweatNow. It's an amazing way to build your fame, to build your celebrity, to build your own personal fitness community. Be the first on board. 

You know that when I go to classes, I go for the trainers. My favorite personal trainer is James Harris who I met at XSport Express on Columbia Pike. My favorite Spin instructors are Jordan RitchieKatie Geffken, and Lauren Rice—all of whom I met at Biker Barre. I'm in a cult of their personality. Yes, I love Biker Bar, XSport, and RowVigor, but I prefer Fola Awosika to the other coaches and I choose James, Jordan, Katie, Lauren, and James.  SweatNow allows you to follow your trainer.

One of the down side of following the trainer, coach, teacher, yogini, and instructor rather than the studio and gym and their scheduled classes is that you're never sure your own personal health celebrity—your fave—is going to need to cancel, leaving you with her understudy. By the time you adjust your bike and the lights go down, only then do you know you're not riding with your fave. 

SweatNow solves this problem. SweatNow is the only Fitness Reservation App that helps users search and discover new trainers, instructors, and classes at gyms, studios, and pop-ups. Users of SweatNow can access each SweatNow trainer’s entire teaching schedule on one consolidated platform. Every element of SweatNow is designed to empower trainers and help them succeed. SweatNow bring clients to trainers and keep them connected to their students through constant communication and updates.

The goal of the founder, Andrea Kozma, is to empower instructors to improve their visibility, grow their network, and increase their revenue! SweatNow allows instructors who hosts or want to host a fitness workshop or any pop-up event to reach new and existing clients on the beach, at the park, or down the street anywhere all in real time.

Andrea Kozmacreated SweatNow in response to the question “where else do you teach?”  For her, it wasn't an easy question. She popped around greater Philly and a lot of her classes were pop-ups at fitness stores, boutiques, and in parks and rooftops. She also traveled some and wanted to be able to train as she goes. For he, a self-branded Facebook pages wasn't good enough, so she developer the app, by her, for her and her students and fans. Now, when asked, she answers with 5 simple words: "follow me on SweatNow."

And if you don't already have a favorite, finding a standout trainer that motivates and inspires is the difference between fitness success and fitness frustration! Here’s where SweatNow comes in. SweatNow connects you the follower, to the trainer. So instead of making awkward introductions after class or trolling trainers on social media, you simply follow them. As a follower, you can see your favorite trainer’s entire teaching schedule every format in every gym. We sweat all the details, so you don’t have to.

SweatNow is free to download and free to use. Followers have access to hundreds of classes in various formats. You don’t have to be a member of the gym take a class. Simply pay the walk-in fee on the app and SweatNow takes care of the rest. It’s never been this easy to stay fit and follow your favorite trainers. As an added bonus, SweatNow is continuously partnering with gyms to bring you exclusive walk-in pricing.

I really need to reach out to James HarrisJordan RitchieKatie Geffken, Fola Awosika and Lauren Rice to make sure they get in on the ground floor of SweatNow Metro Washington, DC, AKA the DMV. Currently, there's only a handful of DC-area SweatNow instructors so it's the perfect time to jump on board right now!

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