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Review of StrideBox subscription box for runners

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I've been a StrideBox member since October 2, 2013. And I have always been amazed and amused by the variety and creativity of testers products for runners.

I've been a StrideBox member since October 2, 2013. And I have always been amazed and amused by the variety and creativity of testers products for runners.

So many little dibs and dabs of everything a runner might need, and stuff that you'd never think of, from flashy little lights that grip your ankles or wrap around your arm; from Gu Energy Gel to Waffles to Energy Gels to lip balm to coloring books to an infinity of hydration mixes and motivational stickers (that I stick to my bathroom mirror) and even wipes and balms and ointments and laundry detergent -- like, everything.

What I like the most is that whenever I receive my StrideBox box, it's always addressed to me wittily: 

Dashing Chris Abraham, Fast Chris Abraham, Quick Chris Abraham, etc. I love it. The folks at the management office at my building still call me Dashing because of the one time I came to get the box from there.

Since I rarely run more than 45-minutes at a time so far, I really don't currently need these sports nutritional aids at the moment; however, it's always nice to have a Gu Energy Gel tucked into my attache just in case I am tempted to stop and get a pastry or a burger instead.  I really recommend you invest in LMNT hydration salts.

And, I'll be honest with you, when I am stuck without anything edible in the apartment between runs to Giant or Costco, I take a dig into my StrideBox bowl, where all my uneaten and undrunk gu's, mixes, and bars live until I am either heading out to a long workout or, more likely, I'm famished and the larder is bare.

There have been some very useful gifts as well. A couple months ago, StrideBox sent along a very pretty Japanese zipper bag that I gave to my girlfriend who travels too much for work. I often run at night so anything that flashes or reflects might end up at the bottom of a commuter backpack just in case I don't prepare and don't have my hi-viz running vest with me -- I'll always have something that flashes, pulses, or reflects. 

Wow, the website is pretty ugly but that shouldn't dissuade you. They do things right, they're generous, and they have fun with it (the website doesn't look fun, it looks businessy, like it were yet another Rodale shill site (I still love you and your magazine, Runner's World, but you guys sure do hard sell).

Anyway, all this and the price is right, I think. Just a $15.00 sign-up fee and $15.00 on the 26th of each month.  And, while the combined value of the box depends on whether you value the things in your StrideBoxes over time, and whether you read through the paper and glossy inserts in the box that offer you even more discounts and offers for things that don't fit in the box, $15/month isn't that much money to me in order to be kept up-to-date in the little cool running and performance products in the space since I never hang out out local running shops or race at local 5ks, 10ks, half-marathons, or marathons, where they're always giving out the sort of things that you get in your months StrideBox for free.

Well, not for free but whatever the entry fee is and travel expenses are for your particular race. Here's a pretty handy entry fee list from Rodale (imaging that!):

  • 5K: Pre-Registered $10-15, On-Site $15-20
  • 10K: Pre-Registered $12-20, On-Site $18-25
  • Half Marathon: Pre-Registered $25-40, On-Site $40-60
  • Marathon: Pre-Registered $50-75, On-Site $75-100
  • Ultra Marathon: Pre-Registered $60-75, On-Site $75-100

If you think about it that way, either the price of a single StrideBox could have bought you a local 5k or 10k race or you can look at it this way: you're really not a competitive runner, you run out of either love of running or you have some other needs- or results-based drive. In either instance, don't let your lone steppenwolf nature get in the way of getting a cool racer swag bag in box form every month.
Plus, every month, the box is motivation city!  The kids from StrideBox don't just want you to be an armchair racer (sort of like I am with The Ginger Runner's amazing TouTube reviews and race films -- watch this primer), they want you to get out there.

So, they're always sending along little stickers that say, basically, get out there. This month it says, "Sky above, earth below, fire within." Color me motivated!

Anyway, you should really give it a go. I'm experiential and so no matter how many Ginger Runner running nutrition tips I watch on YouTube, I really can't tell if something works for me, agrees with my tummy, or fuels me, until I get it in my mouth, down my throat, or mixed with water or milk and down my gullet.

And StrideBox promises that they won't screw you because you can cancel at any time; however, until you do, your StrideBox subscription will continue until you suspend or cancel your subscription -- just make sure you get in there and cancel your subscription before the 26th of the month!

So, the risk is minimal, there no dancing around, trying to get the charge removed. 

Let me know if you try it out.

Also, if you're reading this and from StrideBox, I would love to work with you.


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