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Purina one is role model for word-of-mouth marketing

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I listen to both the Glen Beck Program and Jack Diamond Morning Show and one thing they both have in common is that both Jack and Glen spontaneously wax poetic about their dogs.

Purina one is role model for word-of-mouth marketing


Then, after a while of spinning a warm, charming, yarn, they reveal that it wasn't until Purina One that their really stopped shedding, started acting like a puppy again, started having a glow, and began to have clear and shiny doggie eyes!

It is such a fantastic testimony by each men and I love listening to each of the respective emotional break in their respective radio announcer's voice when they offer this heart felt Purina One testimonial. And then, we find out that we don't have to take their word for it, we can call 888-606-BARK for a free 6.5 pound bag of Purina One Natural Blends dog food.

Do I feel betrayed? Used? No! I love it.

There is a sweet old world charm as though I were suddenly thrust into the Jack Benny Program. There is a lightness of being in their respective stories that don't require me to care about the advertising or care about the salesmanship, it is the fact that these men are really likeable and we trust them and listen to them and hey, you have to pay the bills and we would rather enjoy their charm and warmth (and they do own dogs, after all -- it isn't a lie!) than the awful commercial breaks.

We hate these commercial breaks. We would rather our sweet DJ, our sweet host, hock the free 6.5 pound bag of Purina One Natural Blends dog food than leave it to someone we don't know.

I would love to know who is handling the campaign but if you are within the sound of my blog, call me and offer me a job. I will take it!

Apr 07, 2006 12:00 AM | Comments (0)
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