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My companies have been virtual since the Fall of 2006

My companies have been virtual since the Fall of 2006. I had run my consulting business virtually from 1996 through 2002; however, actually running a proper company was different and mostly amazing (though one really must really trust and believe in the honesty of people in order for it to work).
My companies have been virtual since the Fall of 2006

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We have been talking about working remotely since dial-up since modems with couplers. And yet, only in the last few days of the Corona Virus threat has remote working become something that has to happen. For Public Health. I, personally, don't understand why tech companies are the worst when it comes to insisting that everyone keep business hours on campus even if what they're doing can be done without inconvenience from anywhere. People like to accuse the characters of Executive of being vainglorious and egocentric and that their desire to buy skyscrapers and land grant-level campuses is based on some sort of control freak Napoleonic complex that they were taught in Business School. It could be an "I am a conductor and I need my orchestra" sort of thing, but the entire Linux codebase was build globally, asynchronously, remotely, and gloriously by people who probably spent their entire professional life not meeting each other. The same thing goes for cryptocurrency. In fact, Bitcoin was presumably put together by someone using a nom de plume together with people who use their handles way more than they use their Christian names. There are endless case studies of collaboration happening ad hoc, organically, emergently, and seamlessly.  I mean, it's true, you can't always allow the Muse to inspire you. You need to sprint, to make deadlines, to meet investor expectations. I worked at for a minute and was amazed that once you accept VC money, you're basically a dancing bear hopped up on poppers. It's not tiptoe through the tulips, it's more like needing to find, get to, and defuse not just one bomb but a series of bigger and bigger bombs with shorter and shorter fuses, hidden more and more adeptly.