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Mayor Williams Must Have Read

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I was considering lambasting Washington, DC, by putting together a critical website, but I really have to say that its not terribly easy these days. The Prime example is the new, improved, DMV and the amazing job done by the new DC Government Website.

Two of my greatest friends, Michelle and Cheryl, have had amazingly fabulous experiences with the Washington, DC, Department of Motor Vehicles.

Mind you, I am still seriously pissed at The Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library.

Los Angleles has the LAPL, San Fran has the SFPL, Chicago has the CPL, and NYC has the world-class NYPL. The main branch should not be a flop house, rather it should be a place for everyone in the community and a source of intense pride for its host city.

Mar 08, 2001 09:30 AM